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Hi, why is commuting to work always a hassle?
Look at Jessica, Joe, and Stewart who every day waste endless hours in traffic jams.
Stuck in traffic in their car, they wished they could use the fast lane, but they didn't know how.
Then they heard about Wheelzus.
Wheelzus is a carpooling app that connects people to commute to work together by using empty seats in their car.
It's the best way to use the fast lane, share the costs, but as well reduce pollution and congestion.
With Wheelzus, Joe and Stewart enter their pickup and drop-off points, see the fare contribution, and select Jessica as their driver.
Jessica receives the requests, reviews their profiles, and confirms.
Next morning, Jessica picks up Joe and Stewart, who left their cars at home.
They ride together, using the fast lane, while the total trip cost is automatically shared between them.
After the trip, they review each other, to build a good reputation on Wheelzus.
Commute smarter.
You can, too!
Register your interest now on wheelzus.com
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Smart Commuting

2749 Folder Collection
Tim published on June 30, 2016
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