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I grew up in the area just a couple of mile from the stadium
When I was eleven or twelve
That's when I thought ,"I want to do this. "
It's one of the hardest thing that I've ever done.
Because they want the best.
And they tell your on that show day
"Congratulation guys , you'll gonna be ball boys in the men's final"
It's different to, like, a regular center court match.
You know it's the final, you know it's like the two best in the world.
You go (in) this one back entrance and you wait like in a little tunnel.
And that's when I would say I got the most nervous.
When that door opens
We just sprint onto court to the whole like sort of stadium lights up.
In front of fifteen thousand people here
And millions of people watching at home, you get like a rush of adrenaline
And it just go like dead silent for the game.
Sometimes the hears are hard,
You can't even really see the ball .
You just see that light green flashed by you
Echos everytime they hit the ball.
So intense and so fast.
I can't believe I'm a Wimbledon ball boy now.
It's a great feeling.
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The Ball Boy

1793 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on June 29, 2016    Richard Wei translated    Naomi Hwang reviewed
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