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  • Precision teamwork.

  • There are many sports games

  • that require perfect precision teamwork.

  • One great example of this is bobsledding.

  • Bobsledding is one of three Olympics sliding sports.

  • Skeleton and luge are the other two.

  • In bobsledding,

  • each team races down on an icy track

  • in colorful rocket-shaped vehicles built for great speed.

  • Each bobsledding race begins with racers pushing off

  • as fast as they can.

  • At that time,

  • all members must match their steps and speed

  • as they run and push the sled.

  • If they do not coordinate their movements,

  • team members could easily slip and fall.

  • If just one member fails to jump into the sled,

  • the team is disqualified.

  • The driver is the first to enter the bobsled to steer it.

  • The brakeman enters the bobsled last.

  • He stops the sled at the end of the race.

  • After everyone has jumped into the sled,

  • the team must steer it together.

  • All members use their weight

  • to tilt the sled left and right.

  • When the bobsled reaches a curve in the track,

  • everyone must tilt their bodies in perfect harmony.

  • If the team doesn't coordinate well,

  • the sled may go off the track.

  • This can cause injuries and even deaths.

  • Bobsledding would be very dangerous without perfect teamwork.

  • If you have a chance,

  • would you want to try bobsledding?

Precision teamwork.

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Precision Teamwork

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