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Okay. So last week, I saw my son made a video
making fun of me. He is so not humble!
I gave him life and this is how he repays me?
He has no respect for his elders. But you know what?
2 can play at this game. Sticks and stones may break my bones…
But my son? HAHAHA
First off, you said that I'm not really funny.
Okay, whatever. But you know what is?
When you were a little baby, your wiener was so small, we all thought you are a girl.
I told him to sit on the toilet, but he didn't.
Ugh! Now he wet his pants.
You wet your pants, didn't you?
[email protected]#&%$
You finished peeing?
Wait why is the footage censored? There's nothing to hide anyways
Plus, You said that I'm not really “manly”, but who was the one who immigrated half way
across the world at the age of 18 with little money to find a job AND education? And you,
you are 21 years old, and you still cannot sleep without your body pillow.
Just how many does he have?
That’s so embarrassing. Not only that, I always worry about how you'll
ever find a girlfriend because you are the worst cook I have ever
seen in my life…
Oh My God. Dad! Dad dad dad dad! Oh my goodness! What happened? Ahhh!
Why would anybody date someone who would burn their house down? That's why, of course
I like Malibu more than you, look how smart she is.
She learns faster than you. You also said I had a poor sense of style.
Okay, first off, don't forget who's the one who taught you how to use hair gel
Also, everyday, I don't understand why it takes you like 2 hours to get ready because
in the end, you're still ugly.
We are leaving in 5min Yeah
What is he doing? He looks so stupid… I'll wait for you in the car
Yeah I'm coming! Ugh, It's been 15 minutes
I'm leaving without him. This is ridiculous!
Also Jeffrey, I've seen your pictures on Instagram.
I think you try too hard to look good. Like why are you always touching your hair?
I'm pretty sure I don't need to try that hard and I can get more likes than you do.
[Camera sound]
Okay I posted a picture on Instagram. Everyone, go give it a LIKE!
Anyways, that's it for now. But be careful how you talk about me next time.
Cause remember… what usually happens
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Exposing My Son

23522 Folder Collection
Chai Her Cheong published on July 9, 2016    Su Kids translated    Naomi Hwang reviewed
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