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  • Good to see you!

  • Good to see you too.

  • Pretty cool event.

  • It's quite a cool event, yeah! I've never been to the GQ Man Of The Year Awards before

  • so yeah it's nice to be here.

  • Lot of men, lot of talent in the room tonight.

  • A lot of men, a lot of talent - yeah I guess. There's some women in there as well I guess.

  • That's true. if you could invite any man you may not have met to join you on a boys' night

  • who would it be?

  • Dead or alive?

  • Alive. They could be dead.

  • Erm, oh that's a tough...Eric Cantona.

  • So cool!

  • It's not that tough. That's exactly who I'd invite, yeah.

  • And if you could give your own GQ to any man you think is just killing it at the moment

  • who would it be?

  • These are tough questions when you're not really...Andrew Garfield.

  • Done. Perfect. You've just been filming Fifty Shade of Grey.

  • -Yeah

  • And I think there's just so many questions to ask you but firstly how was it?

  • It was good, it was enjoyable you know. Feels like quite a long time ago now. We finished

  • filming at the end of February so I feel like I've sort of removed myself from it to a point

  • until the madness begins when we go to promote it in January/February but I enjoyed yeah.

  • If you could like some it up in three words what we're going to expect from the movie

  • what would you say?

  • Class, erm love and there's a bit of humour in there as well.

  • You've just joined instagram I see.

  • Well, that was kind of to clear up all the fake instagram accounts. I don't think I'm

  • going to be massively active in that world but there were so many fake ones that we just

  • thought why don't we do a real one to negate all of those.

  • What a shame so we're not going to see a million selfies?

  • -Well I don't know. We may you know get drunk one night and start like taking pictures of

  • myself and put them online - probably not.

  • Who knows?

  • Who knows.

  • And lastly before you go what do you think the biggest misconception of men is?

  • That we're insensitive.

  • Good point. I thoroughly agree.

  • Enjoy tonight. Lovely to see you.

  • Nice to meet you. All the best.

  • -Nice to meet you.

Good to see you!

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GQ Awards: Jamie Dornan on joining instagram and filming Fifty Shades of Grey

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