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  • You're going to be getting a lot of attention when the movie comes out. Some are saying

  • you might be the next R-Patz. We think you should take some advice on handling this attention

  • from your character Romeo in a game called 'What Would Romeo Do?'

  • What would Romeo do? So three scenarios... Okay, let's go.

  • A fan gets her name tattooed on your horse.

  • My horse?

  • Yes. Well Romeo's horse. Your horse. Poor horse. What does he ask for that? He doesn't

  • want my name tattooed on him.

  • What would Romeo do?

  • What would Romeo do? He wouldn't tattoo his horse. If a fan did it. If a fan did it...

  • He would... Not sure. I'd feel a bit bad for the horse. That can't be very comfortable.

  • Um, I don't know. It seems a very bizarre thing to do. I thought you were going to say

  • like tattoos on them.

  • Fans do do bizarre things, so you know, you need to be prepared, Douglas.

  • Trust me. I've seen many friends who have are sort of in this industry and have a crazy

  • fan following. There's all sorts of tattoos that you see. It's weird.

  • Exactly. In weird places too.

  • I'll give you an other one. A fan breaks into your grounds and turns up at your balcony,

  • throwing roses and shouting your name.

  • Oh, wow. Um, what would I do?

  • What would you do? I mean, it's a bit intrusive I suppose. They've come to your home...

  • I'd say thanks so much for the roses. That's very kind of you. It's very thoughtful, but

  • um watch out there's a guard dog.

  • Finally, your fans are throwing their corsettes at you.

  • Oh, wow. Wow. Uh, well. Has that happened yet?

  • Has that happened yet? Corsettes? I don't...

  • Or underwear.

  • It hasn't happened yet. That's one thing that's still left to happen. To look forward to.

  • To look forward to or not look forward to. It depends on who is throwing it.

  • This is true.

  • What would Romeo do?

  • What would Romeo do?

  • I'm sure he would uhhh he would be very kind and modest and then, you know, go and see

  • Juliet. No, he probably couldn't see Juliet because well, they're both dead. What would

  • Romeo do? I'm sure... Before he met Juliet, he'd love the attention. That's what he would...

  • He would. Yeah, he'd be all about that.

  • That's good because my suggestion would be lap it up. Yeah. You won't be young forever.

  • Yeah, that's what you should do. Oh.

  • Well, Douglas it was great to meet you. Have loads of luck with the film.

  • Thank you very much. Cheers. Pleasure.

You're going to be getting a lot of attention when the movie comes out. Some are saying

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