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You're going to be getting a lot of attention when the movie comes out. Some are saying
you might be the next R-Patz. We think you should take some advice on handling this attention
from your character Romeo in a game called 'What Would Romeo Do?'
What would Romeo do? So three scenarios... Okay, let's go.
A fan gets her name tattooed on your horse.
My horse?
Yes. Well Romeo's horse. Your horse. Poor horse. What does he ask for that? He doesn't
want my name tattooed on him.
What would Romeo do?
What would Romeo do? He wouldn't tattoo his horse. If a fan did it. If a fan did it...
He would... Not sure. I'd feel a bit bad for the horse. That can't be very comfortable.
Um, I don't know. It seems a very bizarre thing to do. I thought you were going to say
like tattoos on them.
Fans do do bizarre things, so you know, you need to be prepared, Douglas.
Trust me. I've seen many friends who have are sort of in this industry and have a crazy
fan following. There's all sorts of tattoos that you see. It's weird.
Exactly. In weird places too.
I'll give you an other one. A fan breaks into your grounds and turns up at your balcony,
throwing roses and shouting your name.
Oh, wow. Um, what would I do?
What would you do? I mean, it's a bit intrusive I suppose. They've come to your home...
I'd say thanks so much for the roses. That's very kind of you. It's very thoughtful, but
um watch out there's a guard dog.
Finally, your fans are throwing their corsettes at you.
Oh, wow. Wow. Uh, well. Has that happened yet?
Has that happened yet? Corsettes? I don't...
Or underwear.
It hasn't happened yet. That's one thing that's still left to happen. To look forward to.
To look forward to or not look forward to. It depends on who is throwing it.
This is true.
What would Romeo do?
What would Romeo do?
I'm sure he would uhhh he would be very kind and modest and then, you know, go and see
Juliet. No, he probably couldn't see Juliet because well, they're both dead. What would
Romeo do? I'm sure... Before he met Juliet, he'd love the attention. That's what he would...
He would. Yeah, he'd be all about that.
That's good because my suggestion would be lap it up. Yeah. You won't be young forever.
Yeah, that's what you should do. Oh.
Well, Douglas it was great to meet you. Have loads of luck with the film.
Thank you very much. Cheers. Pleasure.
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FUNNY: What would Romeo do? With Douglas Booth

178 Folder Collection
s7003122 published on June 26, 2016
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