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Hello! I'm Hannah.
Apparently I'm prone to catching colds.
My voice is really raspy again.
Since I can't sing I thought I'd...
do something different today.
There are lots of English words in Japanese.
but sometimes the English meaning is completely different.
It's called ''wasei eigo''(Japanese English)
As an English bod.
I find it hilarious.
So, I'm going to tell you the meanings in English and Japanese.
It'd be pretty boring with just me though.
So I'm going to get my brother to help. Since he doesn't know Japanese.
Hi, David!
Hello, Hannah.
This is my brother, David.
Hello, I'm David.
oh my god.
Yes, that is winker.
No one uses that in English.
I know. It's to do with the car.
What's the word. Indicator!
Yes. -Yes!
Blinker for you, Americans.
Blinker did not have the indicators.
They don't indicate.
They blink.
Give me a clue.
If you went to a restaurant,
They will give you a service.
That is the same thing.
It does have that meaning. -Yes.
Same as the English.
But it have the another meaning as well.
So they give you something for free.
It's kind of weird, undertone to hear that.
Here is the service.
Boat made out of fresh?
Clue please, Hannah.
Is to do with like human interaction.
So is like touching the skin, skin ship.
That's basically right.
oh, really, that's creepy as hell.
It's just touching, skin ship.
That's an anime.
I'm gonna go with pirate. It's a pirate. - No.
It's a boring jigsaw.
It's type of clothing.
A bra. -No.
Is it swimming suit?
No, that would make sense.
It's a dress. - Gocha.
Jet Coaster. -Yup.
That obviously a roller coaster.
Umm. ok.
Is it? - Yeah.
Give me a clue.
It's a dwelling.
Ok, so it's residential. -Residential.
And it is not a mansion. - It's not a mansion.
It's a apartment building.
I lived in a mansion.
Technically it had three rooms.
Welcome to my mansion.
Guts pose
What is it.
It basically goes.
Oh, like a success pose. - Yeah.
So, this is a guts pose.
You will like this one. -OK.
Soap Land. -Yes.
Is it a bathroom. -No
That would be good. - Clue.
um. It's dodgy.
It's a type of brothels.
Let the girl wash them.
Soap Land.
Soap Land.
Good clean fun.
oh, trainer.
Is it a trainers? - No.
What is it?
It's a jumper.
Or a sweater for Americans.
Trainer oh, cuz you train in it.
Wait, no, you wouldn't train in a jumper, you'll get really hot. -Yeah.
Stupid Japanese.
If トレーナー is a jumper, What is ジャンパー.
A trainer. Is it a jum pie.
Jum pie.
It's a type of jacket.
You'll get this one.
But I just put it in cuz I thought it was cute.
Ok, go for it.
Short for ドクターヘリコプター
Dr. helicopter.
What's that?
It's an air ambulance.
Oh, that's amazing.
Is that a word for foreigner?
It's a type of food.
oh, hot dog. -No.
Is it dog?
It's a corn dog.
It's like a hot dog, isn't it? -No.
I like this one.
You never gonnna get this one.
It makes no sense.
Is it fishing? -No.
It's to do with business.
You wanna me to tell you. -Yes.
It's to increase salary.
That is amazing.
Is that if you look good or not?
Your fashion health.
It's fashion health, but is not what it means.
It means the same as something else that we already had.
A brothels. -Yup.
oh, virgin.
Virgin load.
Virgin road.
Is that a new road? -No
What is it ?
The aisle the bride walks down.
This is the last one.
New Half.
Is like a husband and wife. - No.
It's a type of person.
It's a man,
who has had a sex change.
A new half. - New Half.
Complete the end is it.
This is David.
Bye Bye!
You remember this.
Yeah, I did.
Well done.
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【和製英語】 PART 1(Japanese English)

440 Folder Collection
Kana kawai published on June 24, 2016
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