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  • ...a decent amount of equations on the radio, they don't sound sexy.

  • so when I say like, umm, Einstein's theory of relativity is E=mc^2, that, that's not enticing.

  • So we're gonna see if Tom Hiddleston could make these sound a little bit more enticing.

  • I'm gonna add some dramatic reverb.

  • If you could do it to that camera there, this could really, I mean you could help people win at whatever equations [that] falls under us.

  • Everyone, now I'm revising your equations. Here's how they go:

  • Einstein's theory of relativity is, E=mc^2.

  • This means that energy, equals mass times the speed of light, squared.

  • The Pythagorean equation, is, A^2 + B^2= C^2.

  • This means that for all right angle triangles, the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other 2 sides.

  • How am I doing?

  • Is this, I mean, it's really educational, and slightly erotic.

  • This is the last one:

  • Pi, is the circumference divided by the diameter of any circle.

  • It's impossible to know the exact value, but pi is approximately 3.14159265358979328462

  • Oh beautiful stuff! Yes, I mean, that is, that really really was quite something.

...a decent amount of equations on the radio, they don't sound sexy.

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Tom Hiddleston Makes Maths Sexy!

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    Kristi Yang posted on 2018/12/20
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