B1 Intermediate UK 1836 Folder Collection
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Elliot's got the flu. He's been in bed all day,
he's just gone to the doctors to get some medicine.
I've got his pillow,I've got a sponge and i've got some blue dye
and some water.Call me evil.Sorry bro.
I've wrapped the sponge in cling film then i've cut a clear circle out in the middle
I've added some blue colouring dye to the water.
*whispers* water on sponge
then,some extra dye drops.
Put the sponge carefully inside the pillow
When Elliot puts his head on the pillow,the water and the blue dye will come through,making his face blue
I'm gonna put his pillow back,leave the camera rolling and wait until he gets back.
What the
What the hell is that
*laughs* I'm ill Ben
*laughs* I know I'm sorry
my bloody sheets.You don't realize how hard that is to come out. *coughs*
look at your face
*shouting* alright alright alright!
ben,get that camera out my face
stop laughing!
It's not coming off the cloth looks worse than me
he seems to think going to B&Q is fixing his face
Take me to B&Q I need to get paint strippers
That's not gonna help your face Elliot
Ahhh I'll just strip my face anyway
get that camera out my face
AAH alright
Drive me to B&Q
This is all wood. No shit!
*laughing* alright alright!
Calm down,jeepers.Alright just stop
What are you thinking?
If I have to go to hospital I'm gonna kill you.
I know what you mean
Alright we'll have to try a special soap then Ell
Special soap, where the hell do you get special soap from
He's not a happy chappy
you've got a blue beard
Ben, you really don't realize, you can't wear a hoodie to an inteview.You've got to look formal and ca- ugghhh
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Ben Phillips | Sponge Bomb (#ThrowBackThursday)

1836 Folder Collection
Ching Sum Cheung published on June 23, 2016
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