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  • Elliot's got the flu. He's been in bed all day,

  • he's just gone to the doctors to get some medicine.

  • I've got his pillow,I've got a sponge and i've got some blue dye

  • and some water.Call me evil.Sorry bro.

  • I've wrapped the sponge in cling film then i've cut a clear circle out in the middle

  • I've added some blue colouring dye to the water.

  • *whispers* water on sponge

  • then,some extra dye drops.

  • Put the sponge carefully inside the pillow

  • When Elliot puts his head on the pillow,the water and the blue dye will come through,making his face blue

  • I'm gonna put his pillow back,leave the camera rolling and wait until he gets back.

  • What the

  • BEN

  • BEN

  • BEN

  • LOOK

  • What the hell is that

  • *laughs* I'm ill Ben

  • *laughs* I know I'm sorry

  • my bloody sheets.You don't realize how hard that is to come out. *coughs*

  • look at your face

  • *shouting* alright alright alright!

  • ben,get that camera out my face

  • stop laughing!

  • It's not coming off the cloth looks worse than me

  • he seems to think going to B&Q is fixing his face

  • Take me to B&Q I need to get paint strippers

  • That's not gonna help your face Elliot

  • Ahhh I'll just strip my face anyway

  • get that camera out my face

  • AAH alright

  • Drive me to B&Q

  • This is all wood. No shit!

  • *laughing* alright alright!

  • Calm down,jeepers.Alright just stop

  • What are you thinking?

  • If I have to go to hospital I'm gonna kill you.

  • Yeah

  • I know what you mean

  • Alright we'll have to try a special soap then Ell

  • Special soap, where the hell do you get special soap from

  • He's not a happy chappy

  • you've got a blue beard


  • Ben, you really don't realize, you can't wear a hoodie to an inteview.You've got to look formal and ca- ugghhh

Elliot's got the flu. He's been in bed all day,

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Ben Phillips | Sponge Bomb (#ThrowBackThursday)

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    Ching Sum Cheung posted on 2016/06/23
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