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  • So Finnick, a bit of an old smoothie, is he not?

  • He tries. There's definitely that on his exterior being, but I think... You know, beneath that

  • like charismatic, confident and very sexually manipulative exterior is a very insecure,

  • broken soul, and I think that's what really attracted me to the part.

  • So it was quite a leap for you to get into that then.

  • Yeah, yeah... It definitely was. Mainly physically I think. You only have to read the introduction

  • to him in the novels to realise that I'm nothing like Finnick Odair, so it was a bit of a stretch,

  • and I'm surprised that the actors... sorry the director was able to see past my ugly

  • exterior to kind of give me the opportunity.

  • Oh stop. Come on, you're gorgeous. Don't worry.

  • I don't know about that.

  • I've heard one of the hardest parts that you got shot was fighting the invisible monkeys.

  • How'd you fight invisible monkeys?

  • How do I fight one? Yeah. You just swing. Swing and swing and swing some more like I

  • don't know. I was hitting bushes and Jennifer. You know, anything that looks half like a

  • monkey, hit it.

  • I mean, it was really, really difficult for all of us to use our imagination. For a lot

  • of the film, I felt like we weren't actually acting. NAR, I call it. No acting required.

  • But it was really, really tough at times. We kind of worked as hard as we could to kind

  • of get the best result.

  • Did you get in trouble if you hit Jennifer Lawrence on the Hunger Games set?

  • I actually didn't. I left a really big imprint of my weapon on her buttock. You can ask her

  • about that later. It was a very special moment we shared, all of the crew and the cast shared

  • that moment and I can only say that I'm sorry.

So Finnick, a bit of an old smoothie, is he not?

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