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So Finnick, a bit of an old smoothie, is he not?
He tries. There's definitely that on his exterior being, but I think... You know, beneath that
like charismatic, confident and very sexually manipulative exterior is a very insecure,
broken soul, and I think that's what really attracted me to the part.
So it was quite a leap for you to get into that then.
Yeah, yeah... It definitely was. Mainly physically I think. You only have to read the introduction
to him in the novels to realise that I'm nothing like Finnick Odair, so it was a bit of a stretch,
and I'm surprised that the actors... sorry the director was able to see past my ugly
exterior to kind of give me the opportunity.
Oh stop. Come on, you're gorgeous. Don't worry.
I don't know about that.
I've heard one of the hardest parts that you got shot was fighting the invisible monkeys.
How'd you fight invisible monkeys?
How do I fight one? Yeah. You just swing. Swing and swing and swing some more like I
don't know. I was hitting bushes and Jennifer. You know, anything that looks half like a
monkey, hit it.
I mean, it was really, really difficult for all of us to use our imagination. For a lot
of the film, I felt like we weren't actually acting. NAR, I call it. No acting required.
But it was really, really tough at times. We kind of worked as hard as we could to kind
of get the best result.
Did you get in trouble if you hit Jennifer Lawrence on the Hunger Games set?
I actually didn't. I left a really big imprint of my weapon on her buttock. You can ask her
about that later. It was a very special moment we shared, all of the crew and the cast shared
that moment and I can only say that I'm sorry.
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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere: Sam Claflin interview

187 Folder Collection
s7003122 published on June 21, 2016
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