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So Sam Claflin. Gorgeous to see you again.
Gorgeous to see you too.
Thank you. I'm sure at this point in promoting The Riot Club, you've been asked a lot about
partying, riotous behaviour.
Not really, actually. No no. It's all kind of gone under the radar.
That's good.
See I wanted to ask you. What's the most boring, God-awfully tedious thing you've ever done?
Ever done? Oh wow. Probably junkets. No, I'm kidding.
No! No!
I don't know. I think I was a paperboy back in the day. I also worked at Sainsbury's.
They were pretty tedious jobs, but as a teenager you need money. I need to pay for my phone
credit somehow. So I think probably somewhere around that region my life was pretty dull.
I didn't... I wasn't a vandal. I wasn't a part of a gang. I had a really dull childhood.
I missed out on being in a gang too.
Did you? Maybe we should start a new gang.
Do you want to?
Yeah, let's do that.
I'm not sure what kind of beliefs we'd have but...
Vandalise some people and no... Let's not do that. I'm too well-behaved for that sort
of stuff.
This did look quite fun to film. Tell us a bit about filming it. What was your favourite
bit? What was good?
I mean, I think it was the comradery on set between ten guys and everyone else who was
sort of involved as well. You know, Lone the director, kind of definitely gave us the freedom
to play quite often and being in that room, the sort of first time that the ten of us
really, really were properly together, and we were together for like two weeks all day,
every day. So as you can imagine, the personalities come out, and the banter humour really starts
kind of coming alive. You know, by this point, we'd spent a lot of time socialising off set
as well as on set and kind of getting to know each other properly, even though we all knew
each other before. You know, as you can imagine... I think it shows as well. I think that moment
that we had the opportunity to trash the room in the film, it was pretty enjoyable. We were
quite literally given a playground, and they said do whatever you like, so it became very
enjoyable. We got kind of carried away.
And your character has some fantastic rants in this. He loves a good rant.
He loves a good rant.
What in real life would you like to rant about? What really bugs you?
I'd say it was either traffic or rush hour tube journeys, which still to this day. It's
the rudeness of people on the tube at that time in the morning. I don't understand how
like for some reason between that time of like 8am to 10am, it's just so hectic, and
I could go on for hours ranting about the rudeness of people. You know, why? Why not smile?
People become little underground demons.
That's it. It is a different London at that time of the day, completely different London.
London is my favourite place on Earth, so it's kind of depressing when... The great
thing about being an actor is very rarely am I on the tube or even in London.
Kind of everything is off kilter and out of hours, so I very rarely have to deal with
that nine to five job luckily, but yeah.
-Good work you. -Yeah.
And we're playing a little game of passing around questions. Max has a question for you,
and I'd like you to think of one for Douglas.
Max's is quite flattering. He said- how does Sam get those incredibly defined shoulders?
What? Do I have incredibly defined shoulders? I always think they're quite rounded. I'll
take it.
He was doing this. I think he thinks they're quite stacked.
Honestly, I don't know where that's come from. But thanks Max for that.
Yeah, I don't...
I go to the gym, I guess. I swim a lot, which I think won't harm me. Yeah, I don't know.
I was born with this. This is my mum and dad's genes. My mum has incredibly large shoulders.
Actually no, I wear shoulder pads. No, I'm kidding. I don't know. I don't know. I don't
do anything out of the ordinary to perfect my shoulders.
Well done on the shoulders.
Thanks. Yeah thanks, Max. Love you, Max.
-And my question for Doug? -Yes.
What's his morning routine? Like when he wakes up in the morning, what's the first thing
he does and the last thing he does? You know, before he has to leave the house.
I'd be intrigued to know. He must use some sort of incredible moisturiser. But you know,
he always looks flawless, so I'd love to know how long it takes him - the whole morning routine.
Whether he wakes up and just rolls out of bed and looks that good everyday or whether...
I'm assuming there must be some sort of...
Witchcraft, I'm going to imagine. No one's that pretty.
I don't understand it. My wife even points it out. She went... What is it? Because normally
- I say this whilst I've got a bit of stubble - she said normally when people have stubble
they look a lot worse, but with Doug, he just looks even better. Alright... So what are
you saying? Um yeah, he's a very beautiful boy.
Alright I'm going to go investigate. Sorry. Must stop chatting to you.
Lovely to see you again.
Going to do some detective work with Booth.
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THE RIOT CLUB: Sam Claflin wants to start a gang of vandals

206 Folder Collection
s7003122 published on June 21, 2016
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