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Back in Drinks Tube, today is all about Tequila baby!
yes, one of my favourite spirits.
What is in Tequila? Is a spirit that can only be distilled from the Algave plant and nothing else
In Mexico, different Tequilas come from the different aging process.
Blanco, not aged, Reposado and Anejo.
Reprosado slightly rested and Anejo. Look at the difference in the colour,
because they spend longer in the wooden cast.
That's where the grain of colour comes from, but not just that
even the flavour, the taste! Let's move on.
Now everybody see Tequila as a shot
There are two ways of drinking Tequila as a shot, the wrong way and the right way.
The wrong way is with salt and lemon, why? Life is too short to drink bad tequila.
Why go to waste with some weird salt and lemon, out!
We sip it slowly, a good tequila doesn't need any salt and lemon.
Sip it a couple of times because you get all the flavours, all the taste, all the hearty notes of the Algave.
The grassy flavour, the mell of notes of the aged tequila.
Let's make a nice drink. Because everybody knows the classic Tequila Sunrise!
And I've got a way to make it that will be even more delicious
than any Tequila Sunrise in the entire planet.
Let's get a tall glass, we put 20ml of Grenadine. Grenadine is the ration of the juice of the pomegranate.
It's tarty, it's stunning, it's perfect for special drink.
Turn it a little bit just to cover the inside of the glass, just a little bit.
Second step, we fill up the glass with ice cubes.
At this point, Tequila Cazadores Blanco, 50ml inside the glass.
And you will always measure it.
so the drink will always be balanced.
So fresh oranges, cut them and we gonna squeeze them directly inside the glass.
Once you've squeezed it, all the essential oil from the skin will mix with the juice.
It will blend into the cocktail. It will bring an extra dimension of the flavour.
One second, let me call Jamie. Jamie we are making delicious cocktail with Tequila you should come!
You're busy cooking? You're always cooking. You know what I'm gonna drink for myself
and for all the followers of Drinks Tube- ciao!
Now let's take a orange and I'm gonna squeeze it directly into the glass.
Why is it called Tequlia Sunrise?
Because in the bottom, with the Grenadine, if I stir a little bit, it looks like the sunrise on the beach.
Look at the beautiful, chromatic effect.
Last but not least, since I've got here my orange, I can simply cut a little wedge.
which I'm gonna put it on top like a garnish like this.
There is nothing more simple, there is nothing more delicious
than a well made, by the heart, Tequila Sunrise.
Let's give it a go guys
Fresh bit of orange, nice Blanco Tequila, sharp, tarty, zesty little bit of Grenadine in the bottom
that combines everything together.
Looks like a sunrise, I feel like I be on the beach in Mexico!
I go to Mexico, big up Mexico.
Subscribe to Drinks Tube because this is amazing- ciao!
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You've been drinking Tequila wrong your whole life! | Simone Caporale

1083 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on June 21, 2016
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