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  • I was addicted to internet pornography for quite a few years

  • in a defect in my life in a very negative way and I was didn't even do

  • this

  • audio because you know it's on recognize my voice or or saw me it's

  • its chain for and thats the hard part many people

  • funny thing about pornography they think maybe it's not a big deal

  • maybe you know it's harmless

  • fine but really it isn't and if you watching as you may

  • you may be experienced some other consequences maybe have a spouse that

  • that aren't quite you watching it or maybe you find yourself

  • being more distant are you see that over taking your life

  • or maybe you're just wondering if you do have an addiction to porn

  • addiction it it's not something

  • I that you can't just stop doing it's actually a chemical addiction

  • and I'm is a chemical process and change it happens in your brain

  • when you watch pornography pornography addiction is

  • actually been compared to herald heroin addiction

  • on how hard it is to break it I mean imagine

  • the computers there all the time and it's almost like a drug addict or

  • alcoholic that works in a bar

  • right how you can stop drinking if he's surrounded by Haakon

  • so it it's very very difficult it's not impossible it's very difficult to do on

  • your own

  • and unlike alcoholism or drug addiction

  • you know I those things are bad and but you can get treatment for them

  • and you're not give you the same has if you

  • have a porn addiction I it's a very shameful

  • thing to the people that i cant concerned about it the

  • come in it if you're married its very hurtful

  • to me if you have a wife you know that she feels

  • I'm cheated or maybe she feels like she's not enough there's actually a

  • great

  • I'm free video online that that you can look at talks about internet porn addiction

  • you know I I I I went to a lot of different places

  • eyesight psychiatrist who you know

  • and then I i there's a couple courses I got but I mean this point

  • was probably the best I'm this video and and their

  • did your arm it's just a really good are

  • they help it now explain what it is but they help you recover in

  • in very small step is and they have accountability partners and and all the

  • stuff

  • is what you mean so getting take a look at this %ah post some more videos

  • but gotta take a look at this arm home

  • program and if you have any comments just leave them below or you can message

  • me here on YouTube

  • and all reply doing the best I can thank you

I was addicted to internet pornography for quite a few years

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Porn addiction How To Break Internet porn addiction

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