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My name is Han Zuyderwijk
Do you have your cell phone with you?
Can you take it out?
Look on the back.
You may have to remove the battery cover and battery.
Do you see it?
You'll notice a lot of markings and references,
and somewhere between them
you'l see a morning consisting of the letters "CE".
Now that is the famous CE marking.
Do you know what it means?
I'll give you a hint.
It does not mean Chinese Exports.
Such a marking does not exist.
But as it is surrounded by markings of certification bodies
the CE marking must be a marking of the organization
that certifies that the product complies to its standards. Right?
Wrong! Opposite to what many people think
the CE marking is not owned by a
"CE" company or organization,
equivalent to UL or CSA.
Such single organization that publishes standards and certifies products does not exist for CE
But if not that
than what is
CE marking?
The CE marking is a conformity marking
consisting of the letters "CE".
"CE" is an abbreviation for
Conformité Européenne,
French for European conformity.
By affixing the CE marking
a manufacturer indicates that he or she has
it's conformity EU health,
safety and environmental protection legislation
and confirms
the products compliance with the relevant requirements.
It's the manufacturer's responsibility to verify that the products comply
before placing them in the market.
In some cases it is required
to have the product examined by a designated third party conformity assessment body
The CE marking legislation has
the product requirements throughout Europe.
and this means that once the manufacture obtained the right to affix the CE marking,
his product can access all the countries of the European union
and circulate free between these countries
without additional requirements or certification.
The CE marking is not a quality mark.
the CE requirements refer to safety rather than to the quality of the product.
Obtaining a quality marking for product is voluntary,
whereas the CE marking is mandatory for those products that it applies to.
The CE marking is not an indication of origin.
And it does not mean that
a product is produced in Europe.
A product with CE marking
may have been produced anywhere in the world.
Another incorrect perception is
that CE marked products
have been tested and approved by an authority.
The CE marking is always affixed under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.
In some cases it is required to involve a designated third party in the conformity
but even then
the manufacturer remains responsible
and liable.
Not all products sold
in the European Union
need CE marking in order to get access to the EU market.
Only products
which are within the field of application of one or more selected groups European Union
technical regulations
must be
CE marked.
Products that are not covered
by CE legislation
are not allowed to bear the CE marking.
Some examples of products that require CE marking:
Electrical and electronic equipment.
Medical devices.
And personal protective equipment.
I hope I was able to answers some of your questions about the CE marking.
Now you know it is a conformity marking that gives products access
to the European Union market.
You know
that a manufacturer may only affix the marking
when he or she has ensured the compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection
And that the CE marking does not mean that a product is produced in Europe.
Now that you know what CE marking is, you'll start to notice it on all kinds of products:
your sun glasses, your computer,
your children's or grandchildren's toys.
Don't go nuts!
If you liked this video and you think it is useful for others,
please take a moment to send them a link.
If you need to learn
more about CE marking, or if you have a product that requires CE marking,
I invite you to check out the other tutorials, courses and templates
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Thank you!
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What is the CE Mark / CE Marking?

230 Folder Collection
test published on June 15, 2016
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