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Sort me barnet out
Quite an 80's vibe going on today
Hello everybody today
I am going to be hey
I am gonna be doing- stop barking.
I'm gonna be doing a stationary haul
I did one of these last year
and it went down very well because
I was reassured by the fact
that I was not the only one who enjoyed
a good stationary haul.
Lots of you really liked it so
naturally as I had gone out and purchased some more stationary
as I have just re-done my office
Side note; if you would like to see an office
tour, it's not quite done yet, and
I would really like to do one anyway
but, if you want that, then be sure to let me know.
Thumbs up the video
and once all that's all completely finished, I will do that for you.
Because I have redone my office, and I have a new desk
and lots of new bits and pieces
I want - there's lots of dust flying around
I don't know if you can see it
but I surely can.
I needed to get some more little bits and pieces
just to put in my office
Some of it, I think is quite exciting
Some of it is kind of mundane and boring, but
I'm gonna show ya anyway.
First place I visited was Paperchase
which is the stationary shop of dreams.
There's just everything you could ever need in Paperchase.
So, first boring item out of the way
A box file!
I'm just gonna say this though, I look like I'm carrying some kind of boombox
This doesn't play music
But I find these really useful
So you can have a section for... bank,
a section for pets,
or like Nala, like pet insurance,
A section for house bills
Or you could even be like, electricity, water
This is so boring!
But so adult, like, I wish I learnt in school how to organise adult life admin.
Because it's the worst thing to do.
But if you can make it slightly more bearable by pretty stationary
then I feel like you should.
I have a lot of paperwork, so I find these the most useful
because it just keeps everything all in one place.
I can't do it up.
It has a little handle, so if you need to take it places then you can.
I also bought some of these which is the same kind of design. It's like this really cute spotty design
Like little teardrops
And I bought two of these, which are zippy ones
I find these really useful for certain projects I'm working on
I always have notes and bits of paper flying left, right and centre.
So I find these really really handy
So I got two of those
I also got a popper one
And this is kind of like a mini version
So it has a couple of little sections in it
but also good for certain projects
and I always have lots of different projects going on,
Most of which I'm not allowed to share with you until closer to the time
Which I'm really sorry, it's so annoying, but trust me it's annoying for me too.
And I also got another plain popper one.
This one is really good for receipts.
So that you can give all your receipts to your accountant.
This is basically like my adult admin stuff
but if you can make it prettier, it makes it a little more interesting.
The next thing I got from paperchase.
were these, these are clips and pins.
They're all copper
Now I have a really big memo board
But it's metal, so it's basically like a metal grid I suppose
and it came with some clips, but
It didn't have- oh my god, no way
That is the cutest thing I've ever seen
They're in tiny mini jars
I did wonder why it was so heavy
Oh my god you guys
Okay, I've just fallen in love with them even more
So the clips are really good for that because you can pin photos, and
*do you mind*
So these clips are really useful for my memo board
Copper paper clips, everyone needs paperclips in their office
And I don't know if I have a corkboard that I could use these drawing pins for,
But I should probably get one, because I feel like every office needs a corkboard too.
So there we go, and they're in glass jars which just makes them even cuter and I didn't know that.
So paperchase.
I picked these up and Alfie was like laughing at me saying you are never gonna use those
and he could be right, I don't want him to be right so
I might use them just to prove him wrong.
But they were so fricking cute, 36 colour pencils in technicolour.
These are the tiniest pencils I have ever seen in my life
They look like they need to be used by fairies
and I think that's why I like them.
Look at these, they are tiny.
And I'm gonna make use of them, and their teenie tiny pencil sharpener.
because they're just too cute.
I also picked up some thank you cards
I feel like thank you cards are really important, but I am one of these really annoying people who forgets to write thank you cards.
because in this day and age you can just post a comment
or do a tweet, or text them.
But there's something really special about writing, and sending, and even receiving a thank you card
so I bought a little pack of these for me and Alfie to keep, they are so cute
they're in the shape of a heart
but they're quite like geometric, and then on the envelope
on the back there's also this really lovely pattern.
So thank you cards.
I also picked up these which are very thin, kind of sticky notes
to use on different projects, I feel like these would be super useful in school and uni.
So you don't lose your place in a book, and you can write certain notes
and use different colours. I don't know.
I just think these are a great idea. It's kind of a way of keeping tabs on things you're doing too
so yes, very useful.
Pretty colours.
Again Alfie was like, "you don't need these", and I was like "trust me I can't have an office without them"
I couldn't leave them, they were too cute
I had to have them.
Tiny little rubbers, and I think in some other countries rubbers are known as something else
but over here we call rubbers, I guess they're erasers
but we call them rubbers.
So these are my three rubbers.
I have a portion of chips, a little biscuit, and a tiny little ice lolly.
In paperchase they honestly have every single type of inanimate objects as a rubber.
So if you need some go and check them out.
I was trying to persuade Alfie to get a dinosaur one, I was like "you need one in your office."
He was like "no I don't", and I was like "you do, you should get this dinosaur one", because it was really cute.
but it didn't fit in with my cute edible items vibe.
So I didn't go for the dinosaur
Post it notes, another thing I feel like you can never have too many of
I have hair in my eyes
So I picked these up becasuse I really liked them
I thought they were really cute, this one says
Deal with this, and then it has the date and the time.
And it also has tick boxes, so it says 'immediately, whenever, by the end of the day, for the last time,
within the week, or delegate'. And then in the little thing it says 'or you're fired'
Which I thought was mean and funny.
This one says 'thank you'.
'To, from, much appreciated, forever indebted, shouldn't have, so helpful, made my day, my hero
regarding' and then a little 'thank you very much.'
And the last one says, 'please call me, finish, shut up, like me, go away, email me, immediately, soon, by the days end
always', and then two little tick boxes
'I shouldn't have to ask' and 'thank you'.
A nice alternative to the standard post it notes.
But also with a little sprinkle of humour.
Moving on to anthropology now, they have some really lovely stationary
and if you are a stationary lover you should check it out, because I guarantee there is something in there
that you are gonna want to buy, or that you're gonna have to restrain yourself from buying.
First thing I picked up was this, which is a to-do list
which I think it so pretty, but also useful.
I normally make to-do lists on an app that I have, or I'll write them in my notes
or I'll write them on random scraps of paper. But this just feels more organized and it looks really pretty
and it says 'great things are done by a series of small things, brought together' -Vincent Van Gough.
This I think it a great way of setting yourself realistic things to get done in the day
and then you can tick them off as you go.
I feel like I'm one of those people who's always buying things to help my productivity, and to like
help me get more organised.
But I'm not sure they work entirely
But I like to try, and at least I have a great collection of things I can always fall back on if my organisational skills go completely out the window,
So another thing I picked up anthropology
was this which I feel like is kind of like a post it note, but also not really,
they're called love notes, and you can write 'to, date' and your little note.
And just leave them around the house.
So I was like, that's so cute, and maybe it will encourage me to leave Alfie some really lovely little
romantic notes.
Or things like 'please empty the dishwasher', 'please pick up your pants off the floor'.
'Please', actually to be fair he doesn't really do that
I know he would watch this video and go "I don't do that"
Okay, 'please stop stealing my socks' that's something he definitely does.
I guess this is some slight encouragement to be a bit more romantic
P.S Alfie if you see this lying around, feel free to use this also.
Got some more pencils, I'm just obsessed with pencils right now
the only thing that makes me kind of sad about these, it that I have to sharpen them all myself.
I'll let it slide
These ones are super cute, they have names of foods that you would often eat together
or drinks and things. Let me just try and spin this one round.
'Bacon and eggs, ham and cheese, gin and tonic, bubble and squeak,
fish and chips, bangers and mash'
How cute are they.
And then I picked up these pens, which were also from anthropology
These are iconic 2 way deco pens in five colours, they're quite like rainbowey.
These just looked really interesting, there's a highlighter end, and a more pointed, fine nip up one end.
and I like my felt tips, and pens, so I figured I would add some more to my ever growing collection that I don't need.
This I guess this is kind of stationary, kind of more random
but this was in anthropology, these are called calm - 'cards for serenity'.
I feel like this would be a nice thing to have in the office
just incase I was having a super stressful day
like maybe keep these on my desk, or maybe put them beside my bed.
And they're just little cards to keep you calm I suppose
It says 'we're all mad, a standard question on any initial dinner date should simply be what particular ways are you crazy'.
Thats cute.
'It isn't that we ever forget the value of calm, it's just that losing our composure is a constant risk'
'Everyday brings with it new temptations to lose our tempers
the behaviour of partners, colleagues, children and computers
fresh distractions, worries and fears arise which leave us feeling anxious and unsettled
this small pack of playing cards is made up of a succession of eloquent and beautiful reminders
of just how we should approach our frustrations
it powerfully summons up our best and calmest selves
at precisely the moments when we need them most'.
So if I was having a day where I was getting super
annoyed I could whip one out and just read it and hopefully it will kind of calm my mood.
I guess also you could just slip these into-, maybe put them on someones desk
or leave it on someones pillow. I don't know. I jus-
You know me and my need and want for things, I don't actually need or want.
This last thing was also from anthropology
but this was a gift from two lovely managers in the bluewater anthropology store
they were so so sweet, and I got chatting to them, and they gave me a little bag
with lots of little goodies in
in my homeware haul, which you may have already seen
I talked a little bit more about that because there was some home bits in there as well.
But, how cute is this?
It says 'thoughts and theories', it zips all the way around
which I find so interesting
and it's actually a book with no lines, or anything in it
so it's a plain book, which actually I don't think I have any of
I always buy lined books
So yeah, I really really like that, I love the colour of it
it's a gorgeous like mint green.
But yeah, thank you so much, that was so sweet of them.
What a lovely gift, and I'm super excited to put this in my office.
That is everything out of my huge bag that I wanted to share with you
I really hope you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up if you did!
by the way, how cute is this jumper - it has a cat on it.
Thank you so much for watching, I hope you guys are having an amazing week
I love you very much, and I will see you again very soon.
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Stationery Haul | Zoella

4353 Folder Collection
INN published on June 13, 2016
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