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Calvin Harris dumbs Taylor Swift and we found out why
hey guys it's Katrina for hollywoodlife.com and yes sadly tayvin is
over after only 15 months of dating.
This comes as a shock because Taylor and Calvin seemed so in love but he online
is reporting that while the split was super amicable
Calvin started to lose interest in the past few months and he and Taylor became
more like friends than lovers
Wow been there. The source also insists Calvin did not cheat on Tay Tay.
No Thai massage parlors involved, but Taylor is really disappointed and felt like Calvin
wasn't taking the relationship seriously
and as we told you guys Taylor was totally pushing for marriage but Calvin
was not ready to walk down the aisle
we're also hearing the break-up happened just before Calvin's recent and very
scary car accident
Taylor thought it might actually lead to reconciliation but Calvin was firm that
they should remain separated. Bring on the breakup songs Taylor
okay but I have to hear from you guys are you sad Taylor and Calvin are over
there was this relationship just not meant to last. a very beautiful youtubers
thank you so much for watching our videos we seriously appreciate it so
but if you want to keep making more you have to subscribe by clicking on me or
down here below
it's that simple all right bye guys
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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup: The Reason They Split

27001 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on June 7, 2016    Coco Hsu translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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