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So, Big Head built a better version
of your incubator accidentally?
And your solution to that was to go into business
with him? The guy you once called
more useless than a bag of dicks without a handle.
You are all at liberty to commence work
upon the platform.
Welcome, men and ladies of EndFrame.
You represent fresh blood.
-JASON: Does he really not remember us? -(CLAPPING)
He was invited to my wedding.
Bachmanity Insanity.
WOMAN: We have a problem. Several of our vendors
are saying that your checks have bounced.
After your considerable outlay,
you're functionally insolvent.
Big Head, you're broke?
We're broke, dude.
-Aloha. -NELSON: That means hello.
Oh, and goodbye.
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Silicon Valley Season 3: Episode #6 Recap (HBO)

256 Folder Collection
Lee published on June 6, 2016
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