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Did you hear that?
What was that? Hear what?
Stanley, just... I heard someone say hello.
Yeah, there is a lot of fish here. Anybody, literally anybody, could have just said hello.
Where? What am I looking...
Hi, I'm Dory...
Well, where are your parents?
Hi. I've lost my family.
Where did you see them last?
I forgot.
I was looking for something and I...
Okay, totally get it... date night.
I suffered from short-term memory loss.
It runs in my family.
At least I think it does.
Where are they?!
There you are!
Look out!
Ah look at this!
Our friend got taken to whatever this place is.
It's a fish hospital.
I feel fantastic!

The name is Hank.
I have to find my family.
That's a hard one, kid.
Well, I guess you are stuck here.
You are not helping Bill.
I've lost my family.
That is so sad. You weren't looki-
Not a great swimmer.
Our friend is in there. Lost. Alone.
You've got to use your Echo location.
I feel stupid.
Poor baby.
Let me get that for you.
Mom! Dad!
She should just pick two and let's go.
What? I'm kidding...
I've got the feeling they are shushing us for a reason.
Like something with one big eye, tentacles, and a snapping thing?
Well, that's very specific.. But something like that.
Somewhere out there is my family.
I can't find them on my own .
Hang on Dory!
Surf's up, dude!
I don't want to be touched!
That's ok. Everbody does it. Nothing to be ashamed of.
I trust Becky.
You trust Becky?!
Becky is eating a cup.
Just keep swimming...
Mom? Dad?
Does this mean we have to say goodbye?
To Dory?
I dunno why I thought I could do this.
Dory, you are about to find your parents.
And when you do that, you'll be...
Sealions. They are natural predators. They could pounce at any moment.
Ah, mate
Don't you worry ab-
Get off! Get off! Get. Of. The. Rock.
Go on, get off.
Off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off, off.
Don't you worry about a thing.
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Finding Dory Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks Movie HD

29471 Folder Collection
jessie published on June 9, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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