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What does the word love mean to you?
Oh love ah..
Love hahah
Oh my goodness
It means you love somebody
I think love is
love is a way
actually I'm not really sure how to answer this question
It's like, it's complicated
Love is a complicated thing
Well one of the definitions is that condition of a state where the happiness of another is essential to one's own
I think love is just a form of God.
Well if you're talking family wise it means everything, but if you're talking like,
like marriage, I mean you could be single, and that's kinda what I want to do.
Wow, love is deep
Uh, you know you're asking the wrong age group cause the first thing I want to do is say is that love means never having to say you're sorry
Love means never having to say you're sorry, but I don't know, believe that at all, cause I feel like you say you're sorry a lot.
Love to me is the greatest marketing campaign ever invented.
Love for me is being 100% vulnerable in all the way in you know.
You can love yourself first
Cause once you learn how to love yourself you can love anything in this world.
Someone that loves you, loves you because you're you.
Love means excepting people the way they are.
It has to be a 2 way street.
It can't just be, I'm excepting you, you got to except me to.
I think that its
being able to
do something for somebody else, that maybe you wouldn't normally do.
Or maybe you would not want to do
but you do it anyways because it is something they want to do
Even if you like hate it so much you just would do anything because you want to be with them
Love is a powerful thing
It makes you ah, do the things you never thought you could do
and ah, I think it just, it makes life worth living.
Everything else becomes nothing
Okay, all that matters is, that the whole 2 hearts you know expand into infinity
In means in a funny way freedom because you are free to feel so many feelings so deeply
Love to me is something you do on a day to day basis
and so you can hold affection, and you can hold nostalgia, but I think love is active
I always say I'd rather love someone than be in love with someone because being in love with someone implies that you can fall out of it
If you're really close to your family, I consider that love right
so any other person, friend or family or love interest, if you see them as your family, then that's love
Love means to me a big old kiss on your mouth
and you don't, you're not against it at all
I'm married 55 years
our job in life, the two of us, is to look after each other and see to it that we are our best selfs, so to speak
So I try to help here her best self
And she tries to help me
and um to me, that's love you know. I hope to do that as long as I can stay awake.
Its like something you can dance about, or something you can sing about, or something you can build a building about
but, I don't know, I don't really feel like words suffice when it comes to that
Um loves means
I don't know, its pretty great I guess you can't describe it
I love my family, my grandchildren, all of them, they mean a lot
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0-100 | What Is Love?

5201 Folder Collection
Jim published on August 26, 2016    Jamie 榕 translated    吳宜臻 reviewed
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