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  • Principally, it's the story of Sherlock coming back from the dead.

  • Sherlock is back, both onto our screens and from the dead, with Mark Gatiss, who plays

  • the detective's brother Mycroft, talking about the effect his return has on Watson.

  • In the original Conan Doyle story The Empty House. This is called the Empty Hearse. It's a pun,

  • obviously. There is a mystery, and there's a mystery in this one. Doctor Watson forgives

  • his friend very quickly. In fact, he faints when he sees him, and then forgives him, and

  • Steven and I always thought there must be more to it than that. It was obviously extended

  • when Doctor Waston was writing up the story. He maybe lied about how angry he was. So we

  • just thought it would be so much more fun to play with the fact that Sherlock just thinks

  • the world has stopped, and he just comes back and says tada and people don't welcome him

  • with open arms. They're actually very, very angry.

  • Watson's wife Mary Morstan played by Martin Freeman's actual partner Amanda Abbington

  • also talked about his return from the dead.

  • All she wants is John and Sherlock to form their relationship that they had two years

  • previously. She's quite happy in her own skin to let them go off and do what they want to

  • do. She's not divisive at all. She just loves his wit, and she loves his straight talking,

  • and I think she's a lot like that. So I think that they bring out the best in each other,

  • and you know, they both love John. That's the other thing. They're both incredibly loving

  • towards John, and I think they see that in themselves and in each other as well.

  • The eagerly anticipated episode, which will end nearly two years of speculation surrounding

  • his death, will air on New Years Day, with Abbington saying how she and Freeman will

  • celebrate its return.

  • I hope I won't be nursing a hangover because I'm not very good with alcohol, so I will

  • be sitting watching Sherlock with Martin and hopefully a few friends and eating lots of

  • chocolate probably.

  • New Year's Resolution?

  • Don't eat loads of chocolate.

Principally, it's the story of Sherlock coming back from the dead.

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Sherlock: Mark Gatiss and Amanda Abbington on Holmes' return from the dead

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