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Are you ready? Meatloaf or sesame chicken?
I also have personal pizzas.
[11 Signs Your“Single”Is Showing]
Chloe, so good to see you. Hey.
Shh. Let me have this.
You can only swipe right 25 times with this app. It has a limit.
I hate it every day.
But if you don't want a limit, you should check out Datemate.
Unlimited swipes all day.
In 1,000 feet turn right onto Vine Street.
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going that way.
Turn right onto Vine Street.
God, you never listen to me.
OK, I'm sorry I yelled. You were right about that turn.
Oh, OK. My cousin Sam is single.
What about her?
I could hook you up.
No. Not really my type.
That Sam? Your cousin, huh?
Hey, what's she... She's taken.
OK... Yeah... Dammit.
Who's your type now?
Oh, my God.
I'm so happy for you.
Sorry, that came out wrong.
Uh, I really hope you two make it.
I have a friend I can set you up with.
That'd be amazing.
Why don't I just give him your number, right, babe?
Yeah, sounds good.
You're so cute. You're perfect.
Yes! You're-- OK.
Come here, sweet boy. My one and only love of my life. Yes. Yes.
Oh, darling? Where have you been, my love?
I love you more than words. I'll never leave you.
Oh. Sorry, bed.
Chl-- Chloe?
Yes. Me. That's me.
Oh, you're-- boy.
Wow, you are-- all right. All right. No. No.
Um, not-- you're all right in a good way not in an average way.
You're amazing. You're beyond my expectations.
Thank you?
Can we start over? Are-- are you hungry?
Yeah, I'm starving.
Hi, Starving, I'm Deyo.
Food... Yeah...
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11 Signs Your “Single” Is Showing

92163 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on June 9, 2016    Shirley Huang translated    Shirley Huang reviewed
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