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  • Okay here we are, the big deal. Mister Turkey. I've got the slow grown variety and I want

  • to show you what I'm doing this year and also go through the absolute definates you must

  • do to guarantee yourself a juicy beautifully cooked turkey.

  • So first and foremost I'm going to make flavoured butter, I'm using dried cranberries. Just

  • chop for about a minute. Right I've got two fairly decent sized rosemary sprigs here.

  • About a tablespoon of thyme and then I've got sage. I'm not going to season it with

  • salt, a good pinch of pepper and a quarter of a nutmeg. One good pack of quality butter

  • and literally all you have to do now is scrunch it up.

  • And you just get this bit of skin here, get a spoon in there and you can just literally

  • part the skin and the meat. See what I'm doing? And you can go pretty much as far as about

  • here, is good. See how easy that is? So I'm just going to ferry this butter up

  • here. Just push it in and just literally have a little massage and then all I would do just

  • to guarantee that this skin doesn't slip back, is I'd get a bit of rosemary or a skewer and

  • just secure that there, I don't want this skin going anywhere.

  • Now, in the cavity I am putting no stuffing at all. What I will do however is put a bit

  • of Christmas inside here which comes in the form of a couple of clementines. It's not

  • going to stop the hot air getting in. What will happen is it will steam a little bit

  • and it will flavour this bird in a nice way. Here's my stuffing, here's the neck of the

  • turkey. It is touching the bottom of the roasting tray and it will get really nice good you

  • know decent cooking. And then sort of tuck it in like that. So

  • there you go. Okay. Let's talk about turkey cooking times.

  • A good quality, a slow growing turkey will cook in nearly half the time of regular standard

  • turkey. So for instance this is about 6 kilos, I'm going to cook it for 25 minutes per kilo.

  • Plus about 20 minutes at the end. If that was an every day turkey that would be about

  • 40 minutes per kilo plus 20 minutes at the end.

  • I cook it at 180 degrees Celsius or about 350 degrees Farenheit. And I've put the oven

  • on full whack to start with. I'll put the turkey in now. The minute I close the door,

  • I'm going to turn it down to 180. Right, there she is. A beautiful turkey. Nice

  • crispy skin, you can see where the butter's gone in.

  • Roast turkey, cooked perfectly.

Okay here we are, the big deal. Mister Turkey. I've got the slow grown variety and I want

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Jamie’s Awesome Roast Turkey

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    amber posted on 2016/05/25
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