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Okay here we are, the big deal. Mister Turkey. I've got the slow grown variety and I want
to show you what I'm doing this year and also go through the absolute definates you must
do to guarantee yourself a juicy beautifully cooked turkey.
So first and foremost I'm going to make flavoured butter, I'm using dried cranberries. Just
chop for about a minute. Right I've got two fairly decent sized rosemary sprigs here.
About a tablespoon of thyme and then I've got sage. I'm not going to season it with
salt, a good pinch of pepper and a quarter of a nutmeg. One good pack of quality butter
and literally all you have to do now is scrunch it up.
And you just get this bit of skin here, get a spoon in there and you can just literally
part the skin and the meat. See what I'm doing? And you can go pretty much as far as about
here, is good. See how easy that is? So I'm just going to ferry this butter up
here. Just push it in and just literally have a little massage and then all I would do just
to guarantee that this skin doesn't slip back, is I'd get a bit of rosemary or a skewer and
just secure that there, I don't want this skin going anywhere.
Now, in the cavity I am putting no stuffing at all. What I will do however is put a bit
of Christmas inside here which comes in the form of a couple of clementines. It's not
going to stop the hot air getting in. What will happen is it will steam a little bit
and it will flavour this bird in a nice way. Here's my stuffing, here's the neck of the
turkey. It is touching the bottom of the roasting tray and it will get really nice good you
know decent cooking. And then sort of tuck it in like that. So
there you go. Okay. Let's talk about turkey cooking times.
A good quality, a slow growing turkey will cook in nearly half the time of regular standard
turkey. So for instance this is about 6 kilos, I'm going to cook it for 25 minutes per kilo.
Plus about 20 minutes at the end. If that was an every day turkey that would be about
40 minutes per kilo plus 20 minutes at the end.
I cook it at 180 degrees Celsius or about 350 degrees Farenheit. And I've put the oven
on full whack to start with. I'll put the turkey in now. The minute I close the door,
I'm going to turn it down to 180. Right, there she is. A beautiful turkey. Nice
crispy skin, you can see where the butter's gone in.
Roast turkey, cooked perfectly.
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Jamie’s Awesome Roast Turkey

2705 Folder Collection
amber published on May 25, 2016
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