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  • Can I have a piece of toast?

  • Get the fuck outta here, Jack.

  • Thanks a lot.

  • No. I can't take this.

  • Am I asleep now, or awake or what?

  • I realise I don't look so hot, David, ...

  • ..but I thought you'd be glad to see me.

  • David! You're hurting my feelings.

  • Hurting your feelings?

  • Has it occurred to you that it might be unsettling...

  • see you rise from the grave to visit me?

  • Sorry to be upsetting you, David, but I had to come.

  • Aren't you supposed to be buried someplace in New York?

  • Yeah. Your parents came to my funeral.

  • I was surprised at how many came.

  • Why should you be surprised? You were a well-liked person.

  • - Yeah. I was, wasn't I? - Well, I liked you.

  • Debbie Klein cried a lot.

  • Am I asleep now or what?

  • So you know what she does?

  • She's so grief-stricken she runs to find solace in Mark Levine's bed.

  • Mark Levine?

  • An asshole. Life mocks me even in death.

  • I'm going completely crazy.

  • David!

  • What?

  • I'm really sorry to be upsetting you, but I have to warn you.

  • - Warn me? - We were attacked by a werewolf.

  • - I'm not listening to this. - On the moors.

  • We were attacked by a lycanthrope. A werewolf.

  • I was murdered. An unnatural death.

  • And now I walk the earth in limbo until the werewolf's curse is lifted.

  • - Shut up. - The wolf's bloodline must be severed.

  • The last remaining werewolf must be destroyed.

  • It's you, David.

  • What?

  • Please believe me. You'll kill people.

  • - Nurse! - Listen to me!

  • Nurse!

  • The supernatural, the power of darkness... it's all true.

  • The undead surround me.

  • Have you ever talked to a corpse?

  • It's boring.

  • I'm lonely.

  • Take your life, David.

  • Kill yourself, ...

  • ..before you kill others.

  • Please don't cry.

  • Beware the moon, David.

Can I have a piece of toast?

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An American Werewolf in London (4/10) Movie CLIP - Jack's Warning (1981) HD

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