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  • and we let appropriate customers test-drive the Testarossa.

  • But you're 17 and with a blind companion. That we don't do.

  • This is a $190,OOO piece of machinery.

  • - l'm not letting it out this door. - How 'bout this one over here ?

  • That's a Cabriolet T. The same deal.

  • Think l'm gonna let an unaccompanied kid get behind the wheel of a $110,OOO car ?

  • He will not be unaccompanied.

  • l'll be with him. l'm his father.

  • - You're his father ? - Yes.

  • l have an idea. Why don't l take your father for a test-drive ?

  • - What's your quota, Freddie ? - Don't worry about my quota. l do well.

  • How many Ferraris you sold this month ?

  • That's not relevant to this discussion.

  • Freddie, the 80s are over.

  • Are you tryin' to tell me these are just walkin' outta the store ?

  • This is a Ferrari, the finest machinery made in the automobile industry.

  • lf you like it that much, why are you sellin' it ?

  • - l'd love to accommodate you -- - If this car performs the way l expect it to,

  • you'll get a certified check of $101,OOO and change when in you come tomorrow.

  • lt's $109,OOO, plus $950, plus tax.

  • Freddie, for you...

  • 107 all in,

  • plus a case of champagne to go with your leftover turkey.

  • What do you say ? Don't worry about the boy.

  • He drives so smooth, you can boil an egg on the engine.

  • When we bring the car back, l'll peel the egg for ya.

  • Listen, you made me laugh, but l can't let the car go out.

  • Want a deposit ?

  • This is not an installment item, sir.

  • Freddie, you're no spring chicken, are ya ?

  • Well, you know what they call me at the home office ? The gray ghost.

  • You know why they still keep me around ?

  • There's no kid here that can move a Ferrari like l can.

  • l'm known from coast to coast like butter and toast.

  • Ask anybody about Freddie Bisco.

  • When l get a Ferrari... out the door !

  • - Hah ! You iust made me laugh. - Yeah ?

  • Two thousand.

  • Unless you take it, you're gonna make me cry.

  • l'm a gray ghost too.

and we let appropriate customers test-drive the Testarossa.

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