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  • Hello Atlanta,

  • Happy Mother's Day!

  • Hey ! You know no junk food for breakfast.

  • Dad let's us!

  • He also let you go to school without any underwear.

  • It's called freeballing mom.

  • Sandy is a single mom

  • Her ex just got remarried

  • and to like, a twelve-year-old.

  • Hi Sandy!

  • Hi...

  • I'm here for a job.

  • Tell me more

  • about this "tween" and your ex-husband.

  • I'm sure I exaggerated,

  • I'll have a better idea once all the acne clears up.

  • Bradley is Mister Mom.

  • Could you go to the supermarket?

  • What do we need?

  • Juice, eggs, and tampons.

  • What was that?

  • Tampons.

  • I'm just gonna write 'T'. I will know what that means.

  • Need a price check on organic ta-

  • No, no that's not necessary

  • Daughter?

  • Yea, two.

  • Same boat, two sons.

  • Nice meeting you, Sandy with two sons.

  • Ok

  • Jesse never sees her mom.

  • There's just all this Mother's Day stuff and I start thinking

  • about how I haven't talked to mom.

  • Hi!

  • Ooh! I have to say Jesse you haven't aged that much.

  • Thank you.

  • Come in, door's open!

  • Suprise!

  • You guys are supposed to be in Texas!

  • Yea, we've been driving twenty hours straight.

  • Where's the little ladies room?

  • I gotta drain the lizard.

  • Thank you for sharing, down the hall.

  • I can't take him anywhere.

  • Yeah.

  • Kristin never met her mom

  • I was adopted.

  • I've always wondered, did she just throw me away?

  • What you have to do, you have to find your mother.

  • Do you have kids?

  • Career.

  • Keeps me busy.

  • Who should I make it out to?

  • I'm sixteen I have a life!

  • Wait where you going?

  • Rachel get out of the car.

  • No matter what's happened between us you're

  • always my mother.

  • We're not who the world thinks we are.

  • We decide who we are.

  • When we want, and who we want to know.

  • Dad!

  • Are you ok dad?!

  • Happy mother's day.

  • Tanner no, no, no, no!

  • Oh!

  • It's like the fourth time he's done this.

Hello Atlanta,

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Mother's Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Comedy HD

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