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Demonstrate a new action
See? It looks like touching ass
I can not win
Swallow me. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow
I guess
There must be Evelyn
Come to eat this
At this moment
Then miss
He is coming
Oh nice nice nice nice
Reborn my warrior
RIP my lady
Sorry. I CCed
I dazed him, but you swallow me
Feels like being protected
No modeling today. I wanna see you cosplay Ezreal
Oh it hurts
You know these days
I always, I've been thinking about you every day
In fact, I also do
It's real. While I rank at these days, I feel
it's very boring playing league of legends without Assen
I also think that it is wonderful if BigSkyGod is here
Really really really
We got 7 wins with Warwick
I can imagine your face while seeing Warwick
Please don't >///
What stare?
In fact, I pretend Miss Water
Miss Water usually stare like this way
Hello everybody. I'm BigSkyGod
Thank you all for watching today
You can tell me if the light is too dark
I can turn on it immediately
Too much
Bright now
And my body becomes transparent
Why nausea
If you can stare, then I can, too
See? I can!
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天神系列#03 V怪客穿越 Time-travel V for Vendetta

968 Folder Collection
smurf0404 published on May 16, 2016
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