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  • Demonstrate a new action

  • See? It looks like touching ass

  • Hahahaha

  • Demacia

  • I can not win

  • Swallow me. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow

  • Nice

  • I guess

  • There must be Evelyn

  • Come to eat this

  • At this moment

  • Then miss

  • He is coming

  • Oh nice nice nice nice

  • Reborn my warrior

  • RIP my lady

  • Sorry. I CCed

  • I dazed him, but you swallow me

  • Feels like being protected

  • Jenga

  • No modeling today. I wanna see you cosplay Ezreal

  • Oh it hurts

  • You know these days

  • I always, I've been thinking about you every day

  • In fact, I also do

  • It's real. While I rank at these days, I feel

  • it's very boring playing league of legends without Assen

  • I also think that it is wonderful if BigSkyGod is here

  • Really really really

  • We got 7 wins with Warwick

  • I can imagine your face while seeing Warwick

  • Please don't >///<

  • What stare?

  • In fact, I pretend Miss Water

  • Miss Water usually stare like this way

  • Hello everybody. I'm BigSkyGod

  • Thank you all for watching today

  • You can tell me if the light is too dark

  • I can turn on it immediately

  • Too much

  • Bright now

  • And my body becomes transparent

  • Why nausea

  • If you can stare, then I can, too

  • See? I can!

Demonstrate a new action

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A2 swallow nice nice stare time travel ezreal evelyn

天神系列#03 V怪客穿越 Time-travel V for Vendetta

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    smurf0404 posted on 2016/05/16
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