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  • Strange Bangs

  • Feeding us :)

  • DIE~~~~~~

  • Downwind opening !!

  • You see? The damage

  • Wa~~~~~~ Da damage

  • Not to mention Vladimir didn't think you would ultimate on him

  • Even I didn't imagine that @@"

  • Embattle!

  • Jizz King (x)

  • Burn

  • Run !

  • Then screech !!

  • Then DIE !!!

  • Where is he?

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Can you talk why Skarnar is OP now?

  • Errrr why Skarnar is OP. There are many reasons

  • His passive is OP

  • His Q is OP

  • W is also OP

  • E is also OP!

  • Ultimate

  • No change

  • What The Flash!!!!!!!

  • Catch you

  • Teach me what I can do

  • Dying >_<

  • Hit the right person, hit him, hit him, YES~~~~

  • I can't go back

  • I said I can't go back

  • He used so many pings to let me go back

  • (BEEP~~~~~~~~~)

  • I only KS A_A

  • Lags due to BigSkyGod's computer is going to break

  • BigSkyGod you think which one is better, you or Toyz?

  • It's a strange question

  • It's like you ask which one is much handsome, Andy Lau or Takeshi Kaneshiro

  • I haven't become bigger with the gauntlets

  • I wanna bigger

  • BIG~~~

  • No T_T

  • (Beep~~~) No T_T

  • (Beep~~~)

  • The trash gauntlets

Strange Bangs

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B2 beep ultimate damage takeshi strange screech

天神系列#08 天蠍回歸 Skarpionar Back

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    smurf0404 posted on 2016/05/16
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