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Hey I wanna try practicing drums on twitch
(Twisted Fate on the way)
(Escape by Dark Passage)
(Twisted Fate's turn to run away)
(Alistar save me)
Killing behind the wall
Godlike ultimate steals dragon
Car race
Chop four
Then show champion mastery
Fake ultimate cheats Hecarim
Oh~ we got bottom
Let's see who finish faster
They do not have carry?
Oh, killed one
To catch bandits, first catch the ringleader
Run run run run run
Let's see how fast you can run
I am so fast
Let's use code
Okay, White No.1
Anti-eavesdropping tactics
White No.1 succeed!
White No.1 yeah~
Why it called White No.1?
The point is No.1. Color does not matter
To confuse them
White No.1 is on top line, and Blue No.1 is on top line too
(Let them think) so vexed. What the tactics
White No.1 sounds strange >/////
Oh! Finally found a small break up
How? Do you wanna come? Okay, you come!
Healing saves our AD
I HAVE Healing!
You can not understand
Jungle with Healing
(Perfect Killing Ekko)
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天神系列#06 光る天神 The Shining BigSkyGod

669 Folder Collection
smurf0404 published on May 16, 2016
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