B2 High-Intermediate UK 323 Folder Collection
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Silently You creep along the tangent to my tongue
Begone Your tracks tingle and force me to scratch
Don't look back Your thatch bends to the shape of my wavelength
Sensation My nerves detach and burst into climax
My senses collapse Consciences dispatch
Gone with your touch
Imagination Misconception
Fabrication Self-deception
Dissolution Indigestion
Suppuration Decomposition
With a crunch Blue juices ooze out
Your muscles stimulate my taste buds The flavours amass
My visions start to clash I've conquered you at last
Sickening molts unwrap Thought circuits start to lag
Everything leaves me nauseous But I've conquered you at last
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【MMD】Tarantula【Oliver, Gumi】★【Black And White】

323 Folder Collection
Min-shan Chung published on May 15, 2016
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