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  • Table for two?

  • That's the specials board.

  • Menus and drinks list.

  • Can I get you any water while you wait?

  • Yes, please.

  • Still, sparkling, or tap?

  • Tap is fine.

  • Tap is fine? Will you be having wine by the bottle?

  • Not by the bottle, no.

  • You deserve it.

  • Hi ladies.

  • What can I get for you?

  • Would you like something to drink?

  • or are you just having water?

  • Can I have something...white. glass of wine?

  • glass of white wine?

  • Something sweeter or drier?

  • Dry.

  • Can I get New York strip steak?

  • New York strip? How do you want it cooked?

  • Medium?

  • and bread board (hummus) please.

  • Do you want the bread board first?

  • First and then steak?

  • Are you having an entree, madam?

  • Could I get the Texan BBQ ribs? The half rack.

  • and also, ginger ale.

  • You've got your finger bowl.

  • And here's your bib.

  • Just put it around your neck.

  • These ribs remind me of the ribs that

  • my dad used to make

  • when we'd go camping in the summer.

  • Excuse me.

  • Could I get (the) dessert menu?

  • Just one moment.

  • I'll finish serving them and I'll come back.

  • What is this?

  • Could you explain about this?

  • Excuse me. What is this?

  • Bombe Alaska.

  • So it's a ...

  • Boubon vanilla ice cream,

  • with cake around it.

  • it's a bourbon-soaked cake.

  • and then merengue on the outside of that.

  • It's all frozen.

  • and hen we torch it.

  • So just burn the outside with a flame a little bit.

  • Very, very tasty.

  • Good for two.

  • Oh really.

  • We're going to share.

  • and can I get a latte?

  • One latte? Yup.

  • I'll get tea. like earl grey?

  • Early grey?

  • Can I change your cutlery for you?

  • Bombe Alaska

  • Omg, this is one of the best desserts

  • I've had in a really long time.

  • What is this called again?

  • Bombe Alaska.

  • Is that an original thing that you guys make here?

  • It is a known thing.

  • It's like an actual type of dessert.

  • We didn't name it or anything.

  • Okay, last bite!

  • We're going to go walk to the beach.

  • Burn off a few calories.

  • and then we're going to sleep

  • and get ready for the day tomorrow.

  • We had a wonderful dinner.

  • Everything was so delicious.

  • It was a good day!

  • All right, I'll see you guys again tomorrow!

Table for two?

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レストラン英会話☆オーストラリアのほど良い接客 & 激ウマデザート!// Bombe Alaska, best dessert ever!〔# 318〕

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    ami posted on 2016/05/14
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