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AAAH! AAH! AH, [jumpscare] FUCK!
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to "The Joy of Creation: REBORN".
Now, this is the game that I was telling you about in the last one, made by the same person,
but this one involves free-roaming, which means that I'll be exploring the house that they're all in.
And... if lovely Freddy out there is any indication, this is going to be a joyous time.
Yes, you! Talking about you, buddy! Let's have fun together!
Let's discover the Joy of Creation...
Now, if you remember "The Joy of Creation" is actually an excerpt from something
that was in the first Five Nights at Freddy's game.
[muttering] (I though I'd already picked this)
And in the first Five Night at Freddy's game we-
Oh . . .
I haven't played this before, I haven't even seen gameplay!
AM I A- am I an anim-
Am I an animatronic?
Oh, man. Hello!
[Soft funky music playing]
My jam!
Well, it sure is setting the mood for something horrible to happen.
Whoa, what the f-
uoaaAAA I broke it!
I fell through the floor there. It's just an Alpha, by the by!
In case you guys didn't know.
Okay! We're back. I'm not gonna do that again.
Not gonna try to break the game.
So apparently, I'm an animatronic.
And, this is what I'm talking about-
[Door creaks] Hey.
How's it going there?
Okay. It's really dark.
Also, where's my arm? I may not actually be an animatronic...
But if I am, I'm...
I'm a little curious as to why I'm roaming around the house.
Oh, am I stalking someone?
AHHHHH [Animatronic scream]
[Please wait while Markiplier reboots.]
Oh my god!
I just hear this thumping behind-
I didn't even know if that was like, in the game or in real life!
I was like taking a legitimate moment to be like:
"Huh! Is someone banging on my door?"
Holy shit!
What the fuck was that!?
Okay, so apparently I'm not stalking anybody, I'm still being stalked.
[Door slams behind him]
[Heavy sigh] Fuck.
Okay, so apparently there's a trap down there...
(It's a trap!)
That's a phone...
AHHH, come on, man!
So I'm gonna avoid any walls altogether, because apparently the floor is VERY fragile.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh shit, dude.
[Distant thumping of incoming terror]
Oh shit dude.
[Thumping gets louder]
[Expression of pure horror]
[The suspense!]
[Here it comes!]
Ah- uh...
[Oh god!]
Hey buddy!
I'm glad my microphone isn't in the- really in the game!
Holy shit, what the fuck dude?!
What the fuck, man?!
I don't even know what my objective is.
Other than just to survive!
Okay. I really don't know what I'm trying to go for here.
I really don't know!
[Distant thunder]
Is there anything that I need to get?
Because I can't see a- [click]
Ohh, I have a flashlight!
I didn't know-
Is he going away?
Better be going away from me.
[Whispering] Hi buddy! Hey, how's it going?
I really don't want to run into him again, but I don't know why I'm here!
[Sad inhale]
Ohhhh my god!
He coming this way?
[Chimpanzee calls]
What is that?
Baseball cap? I'll take that!
Oh my god, oh my god!
OHH, that wasn't a stumpy robot arm, that was my flashlight!
Literally, the whole time!
[Deep breathing]
Oh man... that's terrifying.
Okay. I- I haven't been looking very closely for things, so I'm going to try to look.
For things.
Okay. So there's gotta be, or there may not be- there may not be anything for me to get in here.
What is that? [gasp]
Oh, okay, I thought that was blood stains on the wall. It was just curtains
[thumping sounds]
Oh my god
What am I doing?
oh my god OH MY GOD
Oh that's so creepy
Can he see my flashlight? I don't know
Oh man
That's so weird
[sound of rain]
Hey, buddy
Hey, buddy
Which way you going, buddy?
[sassily] Which way you going?
So it doesn't seem like there's any other door around here
It just kinda seems like it's an enclosed space
And there's just me and him, him and me! Alone! Together!
Mano e mano!
In a house
Can he spot me from all the way down the hallway?
Probably The answer's probably yes
Where did he go?
I don't know where he went
He like, vanished
Is he over there?
I think I see a flashlight movin'
Or like, his eyeballs movin'
Ooo, uh oh, uh oh
Oh no
[sounds of being chased] AHH HA HA OH FUCK MEEEE
[Animatronic scream]
So once he gets ya... He's got you good
He's got ya forever There's no escaping him
Holy shit
That is sooo cool
That has... so much potential
I'm gonna go in one more time, not that there's anything else for me to discover
Unless there is, I'm gonna look very hard, but...
I don't know if there is, but I might try this one more time
And we shall see... what I find
So that was... Yeah
Oh! It's all of 'em!
Oh, I- I didn't see Bonnie's ears before
HOHO why are Bonnie's eyes red?
Holy shit
That's no good at all
Alright, here we go [music playing]
I can't read that. Why can't I read anything here?
I'm like, blind. I went in without my glasses [door squeaks]
Alright, let's do this, buddy [door slams behind him]
Okay, so first I'm gonna scan everything in the environment
But it just seems to be repeating basic stuff
[sharp inhale]
Skedaddle, skedaddle Woahh side-step like a baws
So there's gotta be
I mean, there doesn't GOTTA be anything
There definitely doesn't gotta be anything
It could just be emptiness For as far as the eye can see
Oh... OH... You creepy
And I think that's what it is
Like, of course this is an alpha so there's no real game
Wait, is he coming this way? I don't think he's coming this way
Eee [Thumping sounds getting louder]
Woah [Thumping sounds getting louder]
Woooah boy
[thumping sounds]
Which way's he going?
[mechanical noise]
What is that? What is that?!
That was something!
That was new!
What was that?!
[mechanical noises]
Oh, it's just him
It's just him activating his servos and going every whichaway
Anything in the goddamn trash can?
Why is that the only working light in this whole place?
Just to identify the center of the map
This would be ludicrously scary on VR
I mean like, VR with just playing with the gamepad cause you couldn't obviously...
Walk around the building, but..
I'm gonna try to sneak up behind him
[thumping sounds]
Woah holy shit
Okay, he's going that way
Here we go
[thumping gets louder]
[sharp inhale] Did he hear me?
Oh.. No...
That was just his shadows playing with me
[flashlight clicks]
This is- [animatronic scream] AH FUCK
I don't know what I expected!
He doesn't like the [voice crack] flashlight
Woah... Okay
Alright, so
That is... The Joy of Creation
That is awesome! The animations of him are actually pretty phenomenal
Like, that game in its entirety
The potential for this to have something more is really good
There's a lot of potential here
I wanna see more of this, even though it has a few bugs, but obviously this is just the demo
This's just an alpha. It's not even a game yet
It's just a tech demo
And- but what it is... is amazing and terrifying, even if it wasn't Five Nights at Freddy's
This is a good concept
But the fact that it's an animatronic scares me personally, just because I hate mannequins and animatronics
So! Thank you everybody so much for watching
If you want to see me play those Nights at Rachel's, which is made by the same guy
Obviously, this person knows quality Minus a few bugs
But knows quality in general
So let me know in the comments, and thank you everybody so much for watching
And as always! I will see YOU in the next video Buh bye!
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FREDDY'S COMING FOR YOU... | The Joy of Creation: REBORN #1

501 Folder Collection
林湋洺 published on May 14, 2016
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