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the new the No
Barack Obama in 2004 was
totally unknown people were saying I don't know who this guy is
wonder why they picked him
he had to be patient as a bit of an upstart as survey young
rising figure in the party but knowing who this guy was this is his chance to
do some self people
tonight is the particular honor for me because let's face
my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely
my father with a foreign student
born and raised in a small village
in Kenya what makes a great point its if you can somehow fold your story into
American story the next thing he says as bad as mother's family his grandfather
in world war two years the GI Bill Kansas
Kansas so white people he ;s just like us
he's just like this my parents shared not only an improbable low
they share an abiding faith in the possibilities at this nation I stand
I stand here knowing
that my story is part of the larger American story that
I owe a debt to all of those who came before me
and that in all other country on earth is my story
even possible
going into this speech
we've had up four years the george bush
and we felt as a country like we've grown further apart 04 was very much a
divisive partisan raised Obama's speeches and in some ways an antidote to
alongside are famous individualism there's another ingredient
in the American side believe that we're all connected
as 1p if there's a child on the south side of chicago
who can read that matters to me even if it's not much a
if there's a single pedestal somewhere you can't pay for prescription drugs
and have to choose between medicine in the red that makes my life
more even if it's not my grandparents that fundamental belief I am My
Brother's Keeper
I am i pester keeper that makes this country work eat were both owner
other many one he gives a speech that presages his
entire political master 2008: which is this your post pars argument now
even as we speak there are those who are preparing
to divide the spin masters mega bad peddlers
were braced the politics 'em anything goes well
I say to them tonight there is not a liberal America
and a conservative America the United States
Obama was born with to great gift
one is his mind and the other is
ability to speak to large group of people
there are three things that Obama does that really makes that speech affected
he wants concrete detail he likes story
and he loves antithesis that this is the Newsome
repetition in structures show contrast
there is now a liberal americorps conservative America
there's is not a black america
and a white america, and Latino america and asian america
but the United States of America
from both our countries in the lead
in the Red Staes and Blue States but I've got news for them too
we were supply of them got in the blue states and we don't like federal agents
poking around in our libraries in the red state the
wake up homie and the buffet and yep we got from paper and then the right
States we all want people all of us
pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes all about defending the United
America the way muses
hansi actually points a lot does love this lot of their
love that in doing so he gives up the scent energy
I am new I'm someone who is dynamic
and he doesn't get much anymore he's a little more Solomon reserving his
speeches today
i think is more fucked above his office the
in him that's what this election is about
we participate
into politics is cynicism or do we participate into politics civil
the hope of slave sitting around a fire singing freedom songs
the whole up immigrants setting up for Justin Schultz
the whole a young naval lieutenant
bravely patrolling the make on Delta the hope
a mill workers son who dares to the five yards
the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that america have a
place for him till
I'll whole
face a paper called whole in the but
a fun certainty Dr pretty
a whole his appearance
at that convention because the best speech to the convention better than
John Kerry's was electrifying and
without it he wouldn't be president I think sincerity
July there are people who when they speak that they speak the truth is they
see it
and their they're very effective doing I believe this country will reclaim its
and up this fall political dartmouth a brighter day will come
thank you very much on the
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The Speech that Made Obama President

278 Folder Collection
John Smith published on May 13, 2016
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