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now on KBTX
live in local this is news 3
at six it's an all-seeing safety net that's been cast over downtown Bryan
good evening i'm joe brown crystal galley camera are now up and running and
recording your
every move it is the technology we first told you about
in October that will help police crackdown on crime
by catching criminals breaking the law new story christa ross joins us live
in Bryan Cranston these cameras reported for duty today
across all being driven to the downtown Bryan area recently
you may have noticed several addition on top wanted the area's most prominent
if not take a look up and you'll see what we're talking about cameras designed to help police
that today began reporting
it's a place to shop
stroll and take in a little piece of local history
downtown Bryan is quickly becoming a place to see
and now be seen it just if something happens we can go back
use it as a resource and it during big events
just above the LaSalle hotel the six new cameras that allow Brian police to see
what's going on out here
and watch it from inside up here we can actually
read and see what's going on here
the officers first glimpse at what the new surveillance system can do
at just the push of a button
cameras with the ability to zoom into the fine details on a car
like a license plate number him play a big role in future investigations
videos become won the most important pieces that police department has
and recreate crime scene when they go to court you can you can't risk refute what
what they have on tape its high-tech surveillance
belief they could have helped them piece together the murder scene a 20-year-old
dale ellis
who was found dead in an abandoned downtown building just a few weeks ago
it would have been able to see what took place before and after
the the incident other the cameras were not been running then
police say now that they are it's the technology local businesses
increase yes
and even schools could utilize in a crisis situation
we get permission from schools to tap into their system once were into it
were able to see their camera system we'll know where we need to go
in emergency will have that bird's eye view from the cameras that
now that the case you're wondering Bryan Police said they don't plan on monitoring
these cameras 24/7 instead they plan on using it as a tool in case something big does
they can go back to watch it play out now what time you can count on a police
officer to be applied to camera do you know
is we're big adventure downtown like texas ranks or maybe even First Friday
when there's more people out here and now live in downtown Bryan Kristen Ross
news 3 this surveillance system cost the Bryan Police Department about 103,000
dollars authorities say
they were able to pay for those cameras their government grants
and criminal property seizures
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Surveillance Cameras in City of Bryan

138 Folder Collection
alex published on May 13, 2016
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