B1 Intermediate US 27007 Folder Collection
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♪ Never going to get it, Never going to get it ♪
♪ Never going to get it, Never going to get it ♪
♪ WaWaWooh ♪
♪ Never going to get it, Never going to get it ♪
Look at him
Does anything about that look normal to you?
♪ Say no way ♪
Let's wreck 'em
(cheering and laughing)
Here Benny
Well there is no coming back from that
My Man!
You better back up man
Calvin! It's me Bob
Whoa, Calvin its me Bob
Sorry, do I know you?
Robbie "Weird D*ck"..
From high School
Gahh! Man look at you've lost like 200 pounds
What did you do?
I just did one thing
I need to know
I worked out 6 hours a day, everyday for the last 20 years straight.
You should know one thing about me
I'm in the CIA
Are you joking with me right now?
Get Down! Drop your weapons
I got a plan
It might get us both killed but
If it works it will be a totally bust story. Cool?
No! No it's not cool?!
No, I said it's not cool!
3 weeks ago an enemy of the state stole the encryption keys to the entire US spy satellite program
I need your super sweet accounting skills
To help me figure out the last piece of this puzzle
You're like a chocolate Google. BOOP BOOP!
Don't do that stop it, stop it.
You were the coolest guy in school
You're my only friend Calvin
You're the only one in this whole world that I trust
Now that you're in.
I'm not in
I know, but they think you're in.
But I'm not
Probably one of these perception versus reality things happening right now.
I am out!!
Which car are we taking?
Not that one
Oh my god
oh god
You choose to be an international CIA spy
Because I don't like bullies
You were like Jason Bourne in Jork
Did you see that guy?!
I did the thing!
I did the thing Bob!
You remember those back flips you used to do
Lets do the flip
That was so close
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Central Intelligence Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson Comedy HD

27007 Folder Collection
874583893 published on July 5, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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