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let me give you the day that turns your life around as quickly as I can
I got four parts to the day then turns your life around then we're finished
for the day number one disgust
disgust, disgust is a negative emotion but it can have a very positive
powerful effect disgust says I've had it!
what an important day that could be I've had it!
I met a beautiful
powerful accomplished executive lady in New York company invited me to come in
play with the vice president extraordinary lady
I got an hour and I i found out her story
I said how did you get here big income
and you never want to hike never went to college
never went to university I said how did you get here
Getty powerful income
she said well let me tell you part of the scenario she said when I was a young
few years ago she said one day
I asked my husband for ten dollars
and he said what
he said
before that day was over
I decided I would never after
yes again she said I started studying opportunity
bounded the classes put myself through the school
did the scenario now in vice president I make a lot of money
and she said I kept my promise I've never
ever had yes here
it's called the life-changing day
the day you say enough now you can add an actor you're disgusted help
man takes a shot done to his car
blows out every 10 destroys every tire put on a ground and it was there that
have driven this embarrassing thing for the last time
and any favorite
he's a and later when somebody says how did you become rich and powerful it is
let me show you this car
one day I'd had it up to here a blow to spur the rain
enough is enough here the last three
next the decision decision-making at the life-changing day
if you went home today and in the next few days
cleaned up a list the decisions it could furnish enough inspiration for the next
five years ten years
what an inspiring did you bring yourself to decide
here's the third the desire wanting to bad enough who knows the mystery that
we don't know but here's something I do know sometimes desire wat
for a trigger wait for something to happen
who knows what the happening maybe
a bomb the lyrics a movie
the bylaw seminar a sermon
a book and experience
confrontation with an enemy a conversation with a friend by levels
with you whatever the experience it is
so valuable and you're my best advice
welcome all experience
you never know which one is gonna turn
ever breed then are don't put up the wall
the same wall that keeps out disappointment keep out happy
take down the wall go for the experience led
teaching and here the last resol
resolved as I will to the most powerful words in the language
Benjamin Disraeli said nothing can resist the human will
that will stake existence on its purpose shortly put
I'll do it or die that definition numbers all I got from a little junior
high girl
Foster City Calif I'm going through some words one day I got to this 1i asked the
kids who can tell me what resolve means
some didn't know some pride interesting the laughter was the best
little girl about hurled back is that i think i no mister on earth and what
she said I think resolve means promising yourself you will never give up
I said that's the best I've ever heard she probably giving seminars
somewhere today right that best heard
I asked the kid how long should a baby try to learn how to walk
how long would you give your average baby
before you say enough's enough
no oh any mother in the world they are crazy my baby is going to keep trying
Until what a magic where do I want you to write it down
until promise yourself you'll read the books until all your skills change
you'll go to seminars and payroll you get a handle on it you let them do it
until it makes sense
you'll go school until you understand your practice until you develop the
never give up until however long that is
step-by-step piece by piece book by book word by word
Apple by Apple walk around the block walk around the block goal for adult
the chance to grow old and resolve that you'll pay the price
until you learn change grow become
then you'll discover summer life's
death treasures when you pay that price
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Jim Rohn - The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

748 Folder Collection
henryho published on May 9, 2016
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