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Hey, guys.
Sorry Mulan couldn't make it.
She said that she had to get down to business
to defeat on Huns.
Ariel, why aren't you wearing any seashells?
Oh, I didn't get the chance to go get D shells.
The seashells were too small.
I see Aurora already passed out.
What are you doing?
How do you think I look so young?
I was literally born in 1924.
I have to be home by midnight.
I have to return my car.
Is it going to turn into a pumpkin?
No. It's a rental.
Is the pool heated?
Hey, y'all.
I am so sorry I am late, but I've brought some gumbo soup
from my five star restaurant.
Boo, oh my god.
I got you some treats for your man.
Oh my god, he's going to love it.
Oh, perfect.
Here, come into the party.
You're welcome.
Good afternoon.
Cocktail, sausages, or tea?
Oh my gosh. Genie!
How have you been?
Good afternoon.
Cocktail, sausa--
Oh my god.
Look at this.
Look at this stuff.
Isn't this neat?
I think I'm gonna keep it.
I think Ariel might be a hoarder.
Oh, that waiter over there is so cute.
Maybe if I lay down and pretend to be dead, he'll kiss me
and we'll get married.
I know a few people that worked for.
Come on.
Oh, no!
I think she's dead.
You OK?
Are you OK?
Oh my god.
Why did you do that?
Girl, how does your hair stay so dry?
Just because I can fly doesn't mean I can swim.
What is this?
Did one of you sickos put my family portrait on this?
Where'd you even get this photo?
I don't know.
My little sister?
That's really creepy.
Cinerella, I love your bathing suit.
Where'd you get it?
Oh, you know-- (VOICEOVER) Don't tell her
that the birds made it.
Don't tell her that the birds made it.
(SPEAKING) The birds made it.
My boyfriend's best friend literally loves me.
Your boyfriend's best friend is literally a monkey.
That's pretty much just how it went,
and that's why I'm here today.
That's why I am who I am.
You're funny.
Aw, thank you so much.
What are you doing?
This mirror gives me compliments.
He said I'm the fairest one of them all.
Isn't that nice?
Thank you.
Yeah, I love you so much.
You should not be invited to pool parties.
Well, your opinion never bothered me, anyway.
Yeah, I mean--
Oh my gosh!
That's a frog!
There's a frog!
Where'd you get the shirt?
I don't know.
It was just in my little sister's closet.
Where is your little sister getting this picture?
What are you doing?
Free the fish!
So, how are the dwarves?
They have names, you know?
How would you feel if I said, oh, how's
that girl who dated an animal?
I'm gonna go.
I'm uncomfortable.
You suck at this.
You suck at this.
Well, at least I'm not named after a font.
I was named after my grandmother.
Well, at least you're awake now.
Sorry, guys.
I had finals this week.
I didn't really get much sleep.
How did I get in here?
Guys, let's have a sing along.
Oh my god, guys, let's sing "Let It Go."
(SINGING) Let it go.
Let it go.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Why is my face on the guitar?
I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm done.
[INAUDIBLE], there's no need.
Jasmine's sister is creepy.
I don't like it.
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Disney Princess Pool Party

16977 Folder Collection
Mikae Wu published on May 28, 2016    Mikae Wu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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