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>>ASHA: Welcome to Barcelona, we're really excited to be here
and especially to check out some of Gaudi's most famous architecture
>> RYAN: And also go to the Barcelona football stadium
ride around on scooters
maybe go to the beach
this is gonna be a great time and it's time to go
>>RYAN: I've been to a lot of European cities, and Barcelona is by far the most lively
I absolutely love riding the scooter around Barcelona
I have never done anything like this
Wow, look at that!
La Sagrada Familia, this is Gaudi's final Opus
>> ASHA: You can't come to Barcelona and not think of Gaudi
and behind me is Park Guell, which is one of Gaudi's most famous attractions
I feel like I'm in this magical world of gingerbread houses
It's this very cool style
mmm I can't wait to eat this
It's so fun to be able to learn how to cook these traditional Catalan dishes
the teacher is great, we're all working on different kinds of projects
some people are working on desserts, some people are cutting the fish up
so it's like this team effort for dinner
>>RYAN: Riding in that helicopter is a rush
and I get to see the entire city from above and it is absolutely stunning
Sitges is paradise, the city itself is so cute and medieval looking
and then you walk a few blocks away and boom
there is the most beautiful beach you've ever seen in your life
and everybody's out and about having a great time
the winning goal baby champion!
this stadium is the most visited tourist attraction in all of Barcelona
it was pretty exciting to see this stadium from a fans point of view
but being down here on the grass is absolutely incredible
>>ASHA: The Flamenco show is one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life it is so much intensity
it's almost like you don't even exist
you're just experiencing this whole entire dance and music with them
>> RYAN: I am absolutely in love with this city it really has it all
it has the sunshine it has the beaches
>> ASHA: I think my favorite parts have been learning how to cook some traditional Catalan food
also seeing flamenco live
>>RYAN: and my favorite part was probably scooting around town
and just seeing all of Gaudi's masterpeices right above me that was awesome
Barcelona, we are definitely coming back
>>ASHA: see you soon!
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Barcelona Spain Top Things to Do | Viator Travel Guide

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Sheng Ning Yang published on May 5, 2016
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