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Tonight we're in Amsterdam, we're on a food tour.
Tonight I'm joined by the one and only Amsterdam Foodie.
Vicky Hampton is Amsterdam's premier food blogger and I'm so happy to have you with me.
Ah, Thanks you for the glowing introduction.
It's wet, it's rainy, it's a little bit cold, but where there's food there's happiness.
Here we go!
I'm a big fan of a food tour that starts with dessert.
What you guys are going to try is two different kinds of choux
One is filled with vanilla, strawberry and rose and the other with lemon cream.
Oh, this is so nice.
That was My Little Patisserie, it's a new French patisserie that's opened up in Amsterdam.
It's amazing. It was good right?
It was really delicious and I'm not a sweet tooth person, but it was fantastic.
But it wasn't that sweet. It was kind of subtle, right? Yeah.
There's a lot of Indonesian food in Amsterdam.
We're at an Indonesian and we're about to have the rijsttafel.
A rijsttafel is kind of a rice table with various food options.
We've got an amazing selection of Indonesian food.
It looks absolutely delicious.
I've already started. You've already finished almost.
This is one of the most multi-cultural areas in Amsterdam.
We're going to place that does Croatian and Serbian Food.
Kind of weird, kind of unexpected.
Ah, it's a cool place.
What are we eating tonight?
You're eating polenta with mascarpone, sundried tomato and paprika.
With some grated Parmigiano.
It's garlicky and delicious.
Chocolate heaven, it looks like.
72% dark chocolate?
Aw, that's good huh?
What a quaint little place. The food was amazing.
The polenta tart was my favourite thing on the tour so far.
If you're a chocoholic, like me, then the chocolate tart with the marscarpone centre, 72% dark chocolate, was unbelievable.
So good that he got half of it on his face.
I did have half of it on my face.
Thank you for pointing it out. I would have had it the whole night otherwise.
I got it all over my face. Again!
Wonderful. The best kind of food goes all over the face.
We're at one of the many Turkish supermarkets in Amsterdam, making an absolute pig of ourselves.
We're having some delicious Turkish food.
I managed to get most of it on my chin, but it really is nice.
Your mom made all of that?
She makes amazing food. Do thank and complement her.
This is my kind of food tour, it never ends.
We just keep eating and eating. Great.
We're heading into a place that claims that they have the best fries in Amsterdam.
There's an article on the wall that says so.
We're going to go and check it out.
Oh, look at you Vicky. Two?
One is for me, I hope.
Give it here.
The best fries in Amsterdam look like this.
I don't have any hands so I'm.....
Vicky has kindly offered to dip one for me. That's really sweet of you.
It is Oorlog, mayonaise, penut sauce and raw onions.
Vicky, best chips of your life? Oh Hello. Yes!
We're at micro-brewery called Troost.
They've become increasingly popular in Amsterdam over the past few years.
Vicky is the beer master.
Well I'm not. You should speak to Awesome Amsterdam really.
This is the beer expert of Amsterdam.
So that's it for our Amsterdam food tour.
It's been absolutely amazing.
I've eaten a hell of a lot.
Did you enjoy the food?
Yes. It's been an epic amount of food.
See you next time. Bye.
You just splashed water on the camera. Oh
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Amsterdam Food Tour exploring De Pijp

490 Folder Collection
alex published on May 4, 2016
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