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We are with Volvo XC90 at Barcelona.
I have previously; at a very special organization at Sweden, have examined the XC90
that Volvo claims to be the most reliable car they ever developed up to the present.
Now is the time to drive it.
Believe me I am very excited and anxious to get behind the steering wheel.
Therefore without further ado and keeping you waiting further let’s start our analyzing.
The design of the XC90 virtually cast a spell over you at first glance.
Compared to the previous generation that has been on the roads for 13 years the XC90 virtually stepped into new age and is more dynamic.
The iconic Volvo arrow over the big grill and the daylights called the Thor’s hammer are quite attention grabbing.
While the appearance from the sides resembles its predecessor with its general view, the large glass surfaces gives a small hints of its interior speciousness.
The rear of the XC90 achieves to look somber and elegant.
I am behind the steering wheel of the XC90.
The Volvo declares the cockpit of the XC90 to be the best quality Volvo that has ever been developed until today.
They are not wrong.
The quality of the materials used here are high enough to deserve praise.
You can easily feel it when you touch.
I must point out that I find its appearance to be very successful too.
The most conspicuous feature here is the tablet like touch screen that covers almost the entire console.
From this screen you can almost command everything.
And apart from its design the sensitivity of the touch operation is as good as iPhone telephones.
Even the starting button is extremely chick.
The living space and comfort offered in the front is high level.
There are lots of places even for your small articles.
When you pull this sliding area there are two cup holders and an extra space beside it.
At the rear there are knee and head rooms offered that you would expect from a big SUV such as this.
In here even the adult’s travels will be unproblematic.
The third row seats of the XC90 which is a 7-seater is hidden in the boot as you would imagine.
The 692-liter loading capacity decreases to 314-liter when you put these seats into place.
The living area in the third row is so wide that not only children
but also the adults, when they have to, can sit here without nagging.
Let us consider the engine and driving features of the XC90.
In the car I have been driving 2.0 liter double turbo charged diesel engine called D5 is functioning.
You can only purchase this car that develops 225 HP and 470 Nm of torque with 4-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic gearbox.
This engine’s factory fuel consumption data is 6,0-liter at 100 km.
The engine exhibits quite a good performance.
The engine moves the massive body of the XC90 without difficulty.
Due to high torque value you feel the power under your foot at all rpms.
As the gearbox is fast and in harmony with the engine it ensures an extremely fluent driving.
The suspensions have an absorption performance as if ironing the rough surfaces on the roads.
Here, really a high comfort is the topic.
But of course I have to mention as a foot note that the routes I covered were ultra high-grade and blemish-free.
Not only in comfort but also in road handling the XC90 has advanced.
The XC90 which is the first Volvo model to use ‘Scalable Product Architecture’ definitely has much more rigid framework.
I have felt this clearly on the twisted roads I have driven.
Let us come to the subject of fuel consumption.
I have been driving the XC90 with D5 engine around Barcelona for 70 km
and the trip computer at the moment indicates 8,5-liter fuel consumption averages.
It is hard to say that this is the average fuel consumption value but this is the value I have gotten and I have as always shared it with you.
In my opinion, the XC90 with its appearance, quality and wide living areas has become very particular and very assertive.
I recommend to those who are thinking of buying 7-seater luxury SUV to definitely check XC90 up.
See you..
This time I am driving the most powerful version of the Volvo XC90 called T8.
The T8 harbors a hybrid engine and revolutionary technologies.
Under the bonnet of the T8 2,0-liter 4-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged petrol engine which develops 318 HP and 400 Nm of torque is functioning.
This engine transfers its power to the front wheels of the XC90.
There is also an electric motor on the top of the rear axle which develops 82 HP and 240 Nm of torque and as you can guess transfers its power to the rear wheels.
This way a 4-wheel drive monster with 400 HP and 640 Nm of torque has been created.
I call it a monster because an SUV this size reaches 100km from zero at 6,1 seconds like a GTI.
You are able to drive the XC90 with T8 engine on electric mode without using any petrol for 40 to 50 km when its batteries are full.
This is an extra ordinary specialty.
If you wish you can drive on hybrid mode like now.
In this mode the engines, for optimum fuel consumption and optimum driving features, work together by switching to and fro.
I have been driving this car on hybrid mode approximately for 70 km and the trip computer at the moment indicates 7,9-liter fuel consumption averages.
At the beginning when I was moving by electric power only I have seen 3,5-liter fuel consumption value
but as the batteries run dry and the petrol engine came into play this type of fuel consumption value is achieved on the distance covered.
All in all if you are talking about petrol engine SUV this size the 7,9-liter value is really very low.
Alright, if you ask me on which mode it is more pleasant to drive this car, I will without hesitation tell you the Power mode.
When you choose it from the driving modes here the petrol engine and the electric motor step in to give you the best performance
and really offers you a joyful driving features.
At the moment this is all I will tell you about T8 but when this car comes to our country in June
and test driving starts I will test it in detail and share it with you.
Now is the time for me to enjoy this car.
See you...
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Volvo XC90 D5 & T8 Test Sürüşü - Review (English subtitled)

1104 Folder Collection
阿傑 published on May 2, 2016
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