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- Okay! - [Ariel] Too tight?
- No, just the finality of it.
We're going to get handcuffed to each other
for 24 hours.
- It's happening.
- People refer to relationships as like,
"Oh, the ol' ball and chain." (Ariel laughs)
We don't feel that way.
- No, I like hanging out with Ned.
- What happens when we physically
can not leave each other's company?
- What are the rules?
- We got to be handcuffed.
- Okay.
- It's gotta be 24 hours.
- Right.
- You are allowed to separate for extreme
I have to poop, you're not invited!
You have to document why.
We got to pick a hand and stick to it.
- I choose my left hand.
- I love you so much, I won't make it a thing.
Actually being handcuffed to Ariel
might cause some friction.
- Would you do the honors?
- Three, two, one.
Time to start our day.
- I have to get my stuff.
- Okay, let's get your stuff.
Right, I got the door.
- Thank you.
- [Ned] So far, it feels just like holding hands.
But it's a like a little more awkward.
We went out with some friends tonight
and played Katan.
We were very mean to each other in Katan.
- I really just want to be not near him
for a little while because he's such a jerk. (laughter)
- It paid off because I won the game.
- I think it'll get really really awkward.
- Got the shirt off.
- So, you're gonna sleep like that?
Are we gonna just leave all our clothes?
- There's a better way to do this.
We're gonna take our handcuffs off
because I don't think we can take our clothes
off and get into our pajamas, without it.
- I don't know what this experiment's about.
- We'll see what it's about when we're done with it.
- Okay.
This is the closest that we've ever
brushed our teeth before. (laughter)
I have to wait for Ariel to be done.
- Yeah, it's a process.
Here we are.
(grunting and groaning)
Just gonna cuddle over on this side.
What's that?
You need something?
- Yeah, you mad bro? (laughter)
- You mad bro?
I normally put my arm around like...
Oh! - [Ariel] Oh, that's nice.
- Just to turn off the bedroom light.
Oh, ow, ow!
Easy, easy, easy!
Got it, got it.
Nailed it.
Good night.
Ugh, God.
It's a disaster.
We can't find a comfortable position.
We might have to give up
but we're gonna keep trying.
(dramatic music)
How did you sleep last night?
- I slept okay.
- Yeah, we were able to fall asleep
with handcuffs on.
And then in the middle of the night
my shoulder was really stiff
because I hadn't moved it at all.
I was just like, "Ahh!"
We took them off.
But now we're back.
(peeing in toilet)
Working on our computer's here.
And typing's a little hard.
Using the mouse is fine.
Pooping's gonna be tough.
Ariel, I've had coffee!
Disengage! Disengage! - [Ariel] Disengage.
- You should wait outside the door though.
But don't listen.
(exhales deeply)
- Back at it. - [Ned] Back at it.
Some things are best left private.
Probably what we would be doing anyways.
Eating scones. - [Ariel] Eating scones.
I have a little bit of work to do tomorrow.
- Oh, okay. Okay.
- We'll figure that out.
(playful music)
I'm so over this.
- I'm kind of dead weight, when you're working.
This makes everything so much harder.
- Okay, I'll get the screws as well.
I was like, explaining every single thing
that you're doing.
- Ugh!
We're 20 hours in.
I'm really kinda getting sick of the handcuffs.
Sort of like, it makes you wanna not do anything
because everything is harder.
- I just want to do what I do.
And I don't want to have to tell Ned
and convince him to do it with me.
We had a breakdown.
- [Ned] You know what?
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I can't, I can't, I can't,
I can't, I can't, I can't,
I can't, I can't!
I need some space!
(dramatic music)
I forgot my keys.
(Ariel laughs)
- [Ariel] What if I don't let you in the house?
- I don't know.
I'll have to walk to Keith's house.
I feel like it should be pouring rain right now.
I'm like holding a sign being like...
- [Ariel] Please let me in.
- Please let me in.
- [Ariel] I would love to take these off right now.
- Me too.
- [Ariel] I would really really like to take these off.
- We can do it Ariel. - [Ariel] Okay.
- We spent a lot time together
but I also feel like we need to be alone
to recharge.
Playing some Madden.
Ariel taking a nap.
- I really needed that! - [Ned] Yeah.
- I really really needed that.
- We kind of been going crazy.
- Ned was driving me insane.
Um... - [Ned] I was?
- We're at the finish line.
- Two more hours left in our crazy experiment.
So, we just need to cook a dinner
and have our friends over.
- Will be great.
- We need wine!
- We need wine! - [Ned] We need wine!
(cork pops)
Hey! All right!
- [Both] Cheers.
- I thought it was gonna be easy.
I mean we normally spend every Saturday
with each other.
- Yeah, like no big deal.
- I never realized how much I valued
my alone time.
Even when we're hanging out together.
- [Ariel] Yeah. - [Ned] We might be hanging
out in two separate rooms.
Doing two different things.
- Ned's gonna get cheesy.
- Yes, my lovely wife Ariel,
this was a horrible experience
but there's no person I'd rather share it with.
(glasses clink)
- It's seven pm. - [Ned] It's seven o'clock.
We did it!
That's over.
Thank goodness.
- Yeah, that was rough.
- That was really rough.
I gained a greater appreciation for some
of the hobbies you have.
- Thanks!
- [Ned] I got to spend the whole day with you.
- I know.
- [Ned] Sometimes we often joke about not
wanting to be more than two feet from each other.
- [Ariel] Right, we weren't,
we were like...
- [Both] Actually not two feet from each other.
- I like doing things together.
Just not handcuffed.
- Yes. - [Ned] Yes.
(dramatic music)
It's also nice to poop in private.
- Yeah.
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Couples Get Handcuffed Together For 24 Hours • Ned & Ariel

241 Folder Collection
a published on May 1, 2016
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