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2015 YZ F r1
and the R1M
the moment that Yamaha R1 fans all over the world have been waiting for is here
I present to you the 2015 YZ
F r1 and the R1M
the 2015 YZF R1
comes in three callers Raven team Yamaha blue and that solar and rapid red and
pearl white the price tag is going to be an MSRP of sixteen thousand four hundred
ninety dollars
so you got a 998 cc liquid-cooled inline four engine dual overhead cam 16
suspension in the front is a 43mm KYB
inverted fork fully adjustable with a 4.7 inch travel
in the rear you have a keyb single shock with a piggyback reservoir for way just
4.7 its travel the brakes are dual 320 million a hydraulic disc 4-piston
UBS ABS and the brakes on a real 220 mm discs
tires in the front are 120/70 ZR 17M
and in the rear 190 slash 55 Zr 17 m/c
looking at a wet weight of 439 pounds
the fuel capacity of 4.5 gal the bike is gonna come with a standard one year
limited factory warranty
the motorcycle however that everyone really really wants to hear about
is the 2015 why ZF R1M
this is the bike that is designed to bridge the gap between street bikes
and Moto GP price tag is $21,990
the motorcycle features carbon fiber slash liquid metal
and it's gonna be available in february up twenty fifty
this bike is also a 998 cc inline-4 engine
it has the same dual 320 millimeter hydraulic disc brakes in the front and
the rear the same tone and twenty-millimeter breaks
as the R1 has has however the suspension
in the front is
a little bit upgraded you have forty three millimeter olin's electronic
suspension with inverted fork fully adjustable
and 4.7 travel so, so just like with the BMW hp4
and the Aprilia Kaponord which you can see a review
alt the a-pillar capital are on this channel your fast life
this bike also has electronic suspension and I have to say
I have had a lotta miles on the Caponord with electronic suspension
and it's an amazing piece of technology if it's done correctly you're talking
about suspension that is perfectly set up for
every single situation normally you set up your suspension
based on what you anticipate but you can't set up for all conditions
he can set up for the corners and for the street you can set up for ross perot
dance moves were
see economy a get a one-size-fits-all type a thing which is not ideal
with electronic suspension have the ability to adjust the suspension
automatically while you're riding and if done properly
you can just have it always be perfect have the
by sense changes in condition an adjust
instantly to where it's just always perfect
so again if done properly up to ride the bike to let you know if it's done
properly if done properly
is an amazing technology and something you're not going to get from the
standard R1 want the suspension in the rear
is also olin's electronic suspension with a single shock
as a piggyback reservoir and 4-way adjustable
4.7 inch travel now there's a lot more details to these bikes and I will be
going into much more details on both of these bikes are specially r1m
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Kawasaki manger h2 are actually did live Google hangout releasing the information
on a bike before anybody else
I also just did a video about Jay Leno
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your fast life which is brought to you by Carlyle's Picks Picks which is my main
in a few hours were gonna be releasing the full details on a ninja h2 street
to the mandates to our so deftly stay tuned for that and thank you for
watching thank you for subscribing
to you your fast life and now I leave you with an
awesome video featuring the Ducati to below 0
verses the declarant wine and the Porsche 918 Spyder
and epic race absolutely epic race
check it out and enjoy there's over 900 more videos for you to check out right
here and on my main channel calls pics
also check out the electric motorcycles and don't forget have plenty of car
videos to
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2015 Yamaha R1 & R1M Overview & Details

456 Folder Collection
Ken Lee published on April 30, 2016
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