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Where's Juang?
Juang's left, sir.
Why so much trembling? Are you having a fever?
Pa Tong, hurry and get the doctor.
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
Why not?
Pa Tong!
I'm sorry. I'm at fault, I'm really sorry.
Where is Wanida ?!?
Khun Prajak!
Nid Told us you couldn't come.
It's good that he come.
Why asking?
Where's Wanida?
- She's getting ready. - Getting ready?
Yes. Let's hurry.
If nid saw you here, she would be really pleased.
- Wait. - Quick.
Please sit here.
Sit here, the first row. So that when Nid is out on stage, she'd be surprosed to see you.
That's the end of Thai instrumental performance
from grade 12 students.
The next and last performance is by our alumni.
Please welcome Chui-Chai performance.
You're as handsome as in the rumour.
Nid is lucky to have got married to you.
Khun Prajak is also lucky to have stolen a heart of Nid, the star of our school.
That's right. Nid is beloved to all the teachers here.
She's very generous, diligent, sofly-speaking and always lovely.
That's her! She's also very clever, and well-mannered.
She's an activist....dancing, singing, acting, playing music.
Nid can do everything.
And she can do them well. Unlike these two.
They're just okay. They can do, but not as well.
Teacher, who'd be as good as Nid?
That's not all.
Nid was the first student to have won a scholarship to study in Pi-Nang with the highest score.
Why didn't you tell me your husband would come? So that I was prepared.
It's instant. Nid didn't Know it either.
You.... performed Chui-Chai very beautifully.
Look, this couple acts as if they are a new spouse. How sweet! All of us are green with envy.
Thank you very much.
Please say what's in your mind. Don't keep quiet.
Why didn't you invite me to come to this event with you?
Why did you want to come with me?
Well, I'm afrais the others might gossip as to why I let my wife attend the event alone.
You fear I might ruin the Mahasak name?
You shouldn't worry.
I wouldn't do anything that'll ruin my image.
Not for the Mahasak name, but for my father!
I want to apologize to you.
For being the main reason to make you unhappy in the past few days.
When your friends and your teachers told me your story.
it made me realized.
I've misjudged you.
, I don't know you at all.
From now on.
I'll try to get to know you better.
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Wanida Eng Sub Ep.7 - 4/9

362 Folder Collection
沐曦 published on April 23, 2016
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