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Welcome to Referral Candy!
We help businesses accelerate their growth by amplifying the power of “Word of Mouth”
“Word of Mouth” is priceless marketing because
people pay more ATTENTION to, and TRUST recommendations from friends far more than from any other source.
“Word of Mouth” happens each time you tell a friend about a great product or service.
Think about it. Sharing positive experiences with people we care about is something that just comes naturally.
It shouldn’t surprise you then, that 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services,
But did you know that ONLY 29% of all customers actually make a referral?
Imagine what your sales could be if all of them were making referrals.
Stop missing out on all these potential sales because people get distracted or simply forget to make a referral.
Great marketing is about deliberately influencing, measuring and managing this process to maximise these referral sales.
This is where Referral Candy comes in.
Referral Candy encourages your customers to tell their friends about your store
and makes it easy for them to share offers with social integration.
We also give you the tools to quantify and optimise this referral activity.
What this means for you is increased sales as “Word of Mouth” about your store is amplified.
Referral Candy sets up in just minutes
and is fully automated so the day to day running of your campaign is taken care of
leaving you to focus on delighting your customers.
Referral Candy also comes with a host of customizable options
so that you are able to communicate with your brand’s voice and run the ideal campaign to suit your customers.
Industry leading features such as Fraud Protection
Real Time ROI Analytics
and Seamless Integration with over 20 platforms
come standard with all account plans.
We’ve already helped businesses all over the world, just like yours, make millions of dollars in new referral sales.
Thanks for watching!
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How Referral Marketing Works with ReferralCandy

134779 Folder Collection
Su Kids published on April 20, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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