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Welcome to first FT. Here are today's top stories.
Donald Trump is hoping for a big victory in the Republican Primary New York today after losses to Ted Cruz in Utah and Wisconsin.
Hilary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in opinion polls and hopes to break his winning streak which has seen the Vermont senator score victories in the past seven democratic primaries.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has attacked Donald Trump's brand of protectionist politics,
arguing that the US is the biggest beneficiary by far of globalization.
In an FT interview, Mr. Gates also said he was worried about the prospect of the UK voting to leave the EU,
and other signs of Europe turning inward.
And Europe's governments have signaled they're ready to expand the role of an EU naval mission in the Mediterranean
to cope with asylum seekers making the dangerous crossing from North Africa.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said ministers would look at enhancing the capacity of the mission, known as Operation Sophia.
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New York primary, EU migrant crisis | FirstFT

915 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on April 20, 2016    Vanessa Hsieh translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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