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How to Help Stop the Spread of Malaria. Malaria spreads through bites from infected mosquitoes.
Help stop this preventable and treatable disease with these tips. You will need Internet access
Preventative medication Insecticide-treated bed net Indoor residual spraying Long clothes
Bug spray with DEET Donations and medical attention (optional). Step 1. Identify where
malaria is most prevalent; sub-Saharan Africa, tropical areas of South America and Asia,
and the Indian subcontinent all harbor the parasite that causes the disease. If you're
traveling abroad, check online for the risks in your specific destination. Step 2. Traveling
to a malarial hotspot? Have your doctor prescribe preventative medication well in advance of
your trip. Tell your doctor if you're pregnant or have any pre-existing conditions to ensure
you receive the most effective prescription possible. You can still contract malaria even
when taking preventative medication. If you have a combination of fever, chills, sweats,
nausea, headaches, and body aches, seek immediate medical attention. Step 3. Hang an insecticide-treated
mosquito net above your bed to create a barrier between your skin and the insects; the insecticide
will kill even those mosquitoes that get through the net's small holes. Step 4. Wear long sleeves
and long pants as often as possible, and use insect repellant with DEET or Picaridin on
clothing and any exposed skin to limit exposure and help prevent bites. Drain areas of standing
water to reduce the number of places mosquitoes can lay their eggs and breed. Consult the
directions on bug spray bottles to ensure safe use. Step 5. Subject rooms to indoor
residual spraying, the application of long-acting chemical insecticides; this reduces the lifespan
and population density of dangerous mosquitoes and limits the possibility of their coming
into contact with humans. Step 6. Make a wider impact -- donate money or volunteer with organizations
dedicated to stopping the spread of malaria, and help create a healthier world. Did you
know Insecticide-treated bed nets, if used by the total population, have been shown to
lower the spread of malaria by 90 percent.
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How to Help Stop the Spread of Malaria

348 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on April 19, 2016
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