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Recruitment and Retention In a nutshell
Have you taken on the wrong member of staff and its been more hassle than its worth?
Recruiting and selecting the right staff, at the right time, for the right roles
Is fundamental to the success of your business. Therefore the quality of your staff and the
range of their skills, knowledge and qualifications,
Are the key elements to successful recruitment .
It's not just about good business sense either. It could have a dramatic impact on your overall
organisation. So how do you tackle Recruitment?
The best way to avoid problems whilst recruiting for new staff is to adopt an organised and
practical approach to the process. Define your requirement -- what is the post?
Identify a Job Description, Design a Person Specification,
Decide how you plan to advertise the vacancy, Create an advert,
Set timescales for the recruitment process, eg. closing date for applications
Identify what the application process is: Shortlist applicants,
Interviews, Obtain references, checks,
Agree start date, Inductions
Retaining staff is a key area to ensure consistency within the business and by doing this you
must manage talent.
After selecting the right candidate, the next up is developing them.
Make the effort to do this and you will gain a solid workforce.
Next comes monitoring their performance but don't micro-manage them.
Energising them is important too! A motivated employee is a productive employee.
Then look at succession planning, this is when you groom and develop staff to fill in
bigger shoes and therefore reward them with promotion.
This process really does help you with managing retention and enabling consistency in your
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Recruitment and retention - In a nutshell

811 Folder Collection
謝約翰 published on April 4, 2016
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