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Hey I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics Basketball and today you're going to learn
how to shoot the ball just like Stephen Curry
Alright so the first thing we are going to talk about is Stephen Curry's feet when he shoots the ball.
now your feet are really important because they are kind of the base or foundation of your
jump shot and that's where everything starts on the way up through
So the first thing i wanna talk about is the turn now a lot of coaches will tell you
that you need to square up to the basket when you shoot the ball meaning that all
10 toes are going to face the rim. The problem with this is it adds a ton of tension to your shoulders.
So when you go to release the ball above your head it makes it really difficult and that smooth one motion
release that guys like Steph Curry have so what I think yes you do and what
Steph Curry does his you tilt your feet just slightly off to the side if you're
looking to three point line here you can tell my right foot is closer to my left
foot and just having the flight killed in yours your feet back as soon as you
bring the ball up here shooting hit album shoulder and all are aligned to
the basket that's gonna help me shoot the ball straighter and eliminate a lot
left to right missus I've seen players that have been square shooter their tire
life and increase their shooting percentage maybe ten to twelve percent
just by turning their feet immediately so it's something that's really really
important and something that you probably want to track so taking jump
shots see what you got going on and then kind of assets you know you wanna make
sure you're not turn too far or too little
you know some people like a small turn some people like a bigger turn but where
you want to be careful of is that you're not turning too much I've seen players
kind of start getting carried away and it's 90 degrees and that makes it pretty
hard to get all that power momentum into the Basketball as well so generally want
to turn your feet somewhere between like it there was a clock on the ground
somewhere between like 11 and 10 30 somewhere in there but his players
thought that different to think about turning your fetus or just like seven
and can help unlock all that power your shoulders to make it a lot easier she
with range inconsistency parts of the next thing you want to think about on
your footwork much like Stephon curry is having your heels up at all times when
you're getting ready to shoot the basketball a major mistake that a lot of
players make his when they catch the ball
going into it is it a plant their heels in the ground as they're stepping into
it now the issue with this is as you place your heels it sucks all your
energy momentum into the ground it makes it that much harder to regather it slows
you down a time you lose the latter range and you lose a lot of quickness
till one thing you can do is you can make sure that you're always on the
balls of your feet and heels like the ground just like this you can tell him
on the balls of my feet my heels can act as a natural springboard and allow my
ankles knees and hips to all work together to get that quick pop into the
jump shot the ball makes it all the way to the basket really easy really
smoothly so a great way to think about it is like a diving board I would like
to think about it like that if you're trying to jump off the diving board you
don't run player heels into it and try to bring off you stay on your toes right
and jump shots pretty much the same thing as you're catching the ball you're
getting ready to go into your shock spring off the toes a very little
contact time with the ground and using all three of those joined together get
the spring a jump shot so try to plan your toes if you keep your heels off the
ground can help you out of time by selecting it's really important that
curry shot is that he has a one motion jumper and basically that just means
that he's getting ready to shoot the ball goes up in a one motion manner and
never pauses are never hitches so prob not a lot of players happens when they
get ready to shoot they bring the ball up and it breaks the plane of their
foreheads you can pretend like you draw a straight line up on your forehead if
the ball breaks that plane that means it's going backwards and that has to
come forward making it into motion shot at the issue at this is many times that
makes it so it has a poor are on the shop so if you bring it back it kind of
turned into more of a catapult work comes forward for guys like Steph Curry
keep it all smooth in one motion going up that way he get that optimal arc so
mathematically gonna hit more shots so really kind of the way that I like to
tell if you have a motion to motion is just by the plane your forehead there so
when I would do that film yourself shooting check it out and see if at any
point during shot if the ball comes behind that planning your forehead if it
breaks that plane to motion shot it's probably limiting your range in limiting
your shooting percentage as well so try to make sure it's one motion you know
one thing to think about what the one motion is
you know a lot of younger kids especially try to shoot the ball from
the chest right here and it's good and smooth the one motion and then as they
get older they try to move by the forehead and that's where they need that
extra power and it comes up to just make sure that when you're doing your one
motion if you're trying to move your set point up I like to think about putting
my I burned my finger on my eyebrows right here in my finger up on my eyebrow
it's just a front of my forehead
that's moved one motion all the way to the basket at the next let's talk about
that curry shot line
challenge basically just the path of the ball takes away from the catch all the
way through the release now what a lot of players do is the kind of they start
their shot line wherever they catch the ball at the top of the steps really good
at it he keeps a shot line super consistent by always bringing the ball
to a shot line instead of adjusting the shot line where catch the ball so I mean
by that is this so let their past comes in at out here it's high into the right
his shot lines always right up the right side of his body through the brown to
the basket so instead of catching and bringing his right hand over and pulling
the ball with his right hand going to do a shot is that it doesn't he takes his
left hand on the catch the ball over into a shot line and then goes up with
it from there that way this is always saying the exact same and really the
only kind of changing variables just getting the ball so he's really really
great to bring the ball over to his right hand to having his right hand go
and get it to think about it . he's really good at hitting that left
left-handed drivel hesitation pull up and the reason why is because a lot of
guys that you there left a dribble they bring their right hand over to catch the
ball like this and they try to go up and everything's out of alignment but
instead if you watch him when he shoots the ball over with his left into his
right hand that way everything's all perfectly aligned to the basket to
always think about instead of having your comment him come get the ball on a
bad pass try to bring the ball to dominate and his authority set and ready
to go now make a jumper faster and smoother
get much more consistent
touched on it a little bit before but had the perfect eyebrows that point a
lot of great shoot like this like guys like him you know something like
Thompson Damian Lillard and basically just the idea that you bring the ball up
the time it starts moving toward the basket on your relief is right when your
fingers get your eyebrows right about here if you look at that story when he
brings the ball up the ball right up on the top of his forehead right here and
then begins his release up toward the basket now this is great because a lot
of young players like I mentioned before like to shoot from down here on their
chest and this works when they're younger but the older yet listed this
makes a huge difference having the defender be able to get a hand on the
blocked the ball so what you want to do you want to begin to bring it up to make
sure that it doesn't go any higher than your fingers right on your eyebrows
right here because if you do if you start bringing it up your elbows gonna
go toward the basket of Internet to motion shot we talked about earlier so
really I always like to think that my pointer finger toward it right on my
forehead and i wanna bring the ball up two and then forward on my release
certain yet that can help us are gonna help a ton for smooth this will be able
to get more shots because I talk about their careers will lead efforts what we
call a middle finger shooter
the last year the touch the ball and it finishes down towards the ground now
there's a couple of keys to think about when you're when you're shooting with
your middle finger number one you want your middle fingers directly in the
center of the ball if on that release if you're off to the side
gonna cause everything to be out of alignment you're probably gonna miss to
the left to the right so it really imperative that I release you make sure
the Americans in the center of the ball that way everything fly straight down
the next thing you can do to get the middle for her release is what I call a
poem rotation and it's something that a lot of middle finger shooters do because
to get your fingers in the center of the ball it's kinda hard on your risk to get
a lot of attention back there so polymer taken with the idea that as you bring
the ball up your shooting him gonna stand outside of the ball and as you
bring it up to your set point you're going to rotate around behind so if you
bring the ball up rotated around the back and then follow through with your
palm down
a lot of coaches will take that as a bad because there's extra motion but really
it's pretty repeatable and it's pretty simple to do and it's something that a
lot of shooters guys like Steph Curry and myself do when you're shooting a
basketball so again
basketball and you want to use that poem rotation to rotate the ball around it
comes up your set point and then snap your if the follow-through about step
guide him now a lot of coaches will tell you that your release as the boss comes
up you want to try him facing straight toward the ceiling and this works for
some players before some players it works better
you pointed toward your target a little bit so got like Steph Curry and James
Harden they're really good when they had this guide him come up they keep it on
the ball enough time and then had to come down to get a rotate the guide him
forward to their fingers are facing towards the basket and there's some
straight up in the air now where the future be a little bit of an issue is if
Paul starts rotating because you're pushing with your thumb and so it's
pointing down so this is no you don't want both palms facing towards the
ground but if you can bring the ball up and then flex your risk forward toward
the basket is gonna help guide the ball longer its gonna keep it straighter
a lot of athletes do they have the issue of bringing up their god is great and
then it gets really tense right here with the risk and so they just drop it
off too early and a lot of a lot of you know missus can come in that last little
bit earlier least so you can keep that got him straight with it and then
flopped over just like your risk it gonna help you out quite a bit to stable
that ball for the last crucial seconds of flight that's another issue that a
lot of players have is the extension of their arm on the falter in this is
another step is awesome at so when you release the ball you want to make sure
that your arm is completely straight on the release if it's bent it all makes it
really hard to repeat that exact same spot every time she takes a lot longer
to develop your muscle memory over time so if you notice when steps youths every
time he releases the ball he likes that arm out gets a nice nap of the risk and
therefore it's a lot easier for him to repeat he's not happen to try to find
that exact same little band each time so what I would highly recommend film
yourself shooting and if you can afford any sort of bending your arm I would
work on straightening out because number one you're gonna get better snaps are
gonna get better
range released and there were two is going to be much more consistent over
time you gonna be able to build up muscle memory a lot faster better
shooter a lot quicker so think about that when you release the lock that arms
straight out if we do that we'll be pretty consistent I do not want to make
sure that we solidify the shooting mechanics
got some great deals for you that if you do these overtime will help you shoot a
lot like that for the first one way to do with what I like about us to go to
whatever ranges come from or might be 15 feet might be the three-point line and
are you gonna do you go about the ball above your head above your head case I
want you two reactors in about the ball but your head and you gonna do a
two-footed hot in your jumper now what we're thinking about here are two main
banks number one powered off the balls were feel like we talked about earlier
and number two
adding a little bit of a dip for river so I don't want you to do I don't talk
about the ball up your check and go up from your chest I want you about it up
catch I'll bring it down to your waist and then back up because that's going to
be much more fluid than 80 just catching go straight up something we want to
think about like I mentioned is staying on the ball your feet
remember the diving board analogy I gave you earlier right as you spin the ball
yourself going into this drill you're going to power the balls your feet with
very little contact time again for tenant picture like you're bouncing off
the dime or trying to as much spring as you possibly can so I gonna do you gonna
move around three point line pinball yourself powering up after you got the
ball back your head if I guess I am bubbles up get a close-up of the next
row we're going to use to develop the smooth one motion jumper
gonna get to somewhere in the fifteen for range and are you gonna do you gonna
set the ball on the ground outside of your dominant but so I'm right-hander
threw the ball gonna be on the outside of my right foot just like this so I
gotta do is your income that's been grabbed the ball off the ground and
you're gonna shoot it toward the hoop in one fluid motion so picking it up and
shooting toward the WHO so the idea is that we're kind of forcing ourselves to
not shoot into motion cover because it's really hard to pick the ball up pocket
back and then throw up or to keep it smooth flat so I want you to think about
picking the ball up and it should be in one fluid smooth motion toward the
basket this will help you get kind of that one motion down kind of eliminate
your to motion struck
prices next year we're gonna work on that pick up this Steph Curry does keep
that perfect shot like this transition three so are you gonna do you start with
the ball to dribble outside the three-point line with your inside so
wherever he had a good start with the ball in your insight hand and as you
drive towards the three-point line getting ready to shoot I think about
having her heels off the ground and we're working on that pull over to our
dominant hand on the shot so far on the right side of the floor since we got our
insight and I'm right-handed I'm pulling it over to my right hip and then going
into my jumper just like that by pulling it over and going up to work on a
perfect repeatable shop now it's gonna change little bit if you're gonna pull
with your right hand so if I'm on this side of the court now driven up with my
inside and I don't need to pull it over to my hip right because I pulled over
here and i got a funky shop so it's at all I'm doing is I'm pullin up now think
about brushing my elbow on my hip bone just like this if I can pull it over
brush my album I hit bone it means everything to me that same perfect
alignment every single time for this release him around three point line
remember him the ball inside hand and adjusting the mechanics depending on
what the right to the last year we're gonna do with 183 and basically this is
just where you're starting with your back facing to the basket you spin the
ball yourself and on the hot catch you're gonna hop again 180 and fire up
the jumper to the key here that we're working on number one target near 87
carries really good targeting the hoops as soon as you're coming out I want your
eyes up on the rim as soon as you possibly can
locating in a knee working on is just like the footwork before springing up
the ball your heat feet each tiny jump I don't want your heels coming on the
ground I want to see light on the ball your feet spring into it as quickly you
can target to get a workaround the three-point arc and your switch which
way you happy time for the first time in the ball and then hopped this direction
the next time the ball popped the opposite direction that we used to shoot
in opposite directions and it is great in game application because if I'm
coming off of a cut eye catching the ball like this it's pretty much the same
movie right I'm so tired in the hoop I'm still hopping off the feat
same thing come this way off the catch feel pretty much the same movement and
this really actually a little bit harder so gonna make it easier to hit shots in
game if you like this video go ahead and that like button below and then leave a
comment in the comment section below that and let me know what sort of video
you want to see next the channel for the people by the people around pretty much
everything up a request to leave it down there and hopefully I'll get to it and
if you're new to shower mechanics welcome and you want to do two things
that the Tribune button below 2010 abused every week and they're all gonna
get you better I guarantee the second thing you want to do is click this
button up here or the description get a free copy of my number one scoring
workout this increase for an average probably the very first time you use it
and it's one of the workout for use with all my athletes are double check that
out and it's free again until next time
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How to Shoot like Stephen Curry: Shooting Form Blueprint

2106 Folder Collection
Jie Tsung Lai published on April 2, 2016
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