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This is a consonant sound you can hear it
at the beginning of the word "light" in the middle of the word
"valley" at the end of the word "bel"
and at the beginning and end of the word "level"
now you try listen and repeat
"light" "valley"
"bell" "level"
speakers have some languages
may find it difficult to tell the difference between this sound
/l/ and another consonant /r/
Now listening carefully to hear the difference
between the following two words
and watch the position of my mouth
light right
I make the /l/ sound
with the front part of my tongue
behind my teeth and I make the /r/ sound
my making my lips come out
and pulling my tongue back
now listen to some examples
and watch the shape of my mouth
led red
clash crash
climb crime
lice rice
lock rock
Now you try listening again
and repeat after me
led red
clash crash
climb crime
lice rice
lock rock
In English
/l/ at the beginning of a syllable is a bit different from
/l/ at the end of a syllable listen carefully
leaf feel
leaf feel
let tell
let tell
Did you hear that little difference
listen again
/l/ /l/
now for some speakers of English
this can change the vowel a little bit
listen again
loaf foal
loaf foal
loot tool
loot tool
now this can actually make
the /l/ sound disappear
at the end of a syllable
so I can say "pal" or "pal"
I can say "pill" or "pill"
mile mile
milk milk
cold cold
to be careful
there's a bit of a difference
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BBC Pronunciation tips: L sound

3819 Folder Collection
Jones published on March 26, 2016
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