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  • We begin with this developing story... Deadly explosions in Brussels have put the

  • entire European region on alert. What we know so far: three explosions ripped through a

  • Brussels airport and a metro station in the Belgian capital... killing more than 20 people

  • and injuring over one-hundred. The suspected terrorist attacks come just

  • days after Belgian police arrested one of the men suspected in the fatal Paris terror

  • attacks last November. Bruce Harrison has the latest.

  • Belgian media have described the explosions at the busy Brussels airport as a suicide

  • attack. A witness said he heard shouts in Arabic before

  • two blasts struck the airport's crowded departure lounge... killing at least 11 people.

  • Another witness escaped the chaos in a bathroom.

  • "I just went to the toilet, and then after five minutes I heard an explosion and all

  • the ceilings is going down. And then I just go under the sink and then the second explosion

  • went and everything is black."

  • She said she emerged to see people covered in blood.

  • Shortly after,... another blast tore through a rush-hour metro train in Brussels... killing

  • at least 15. All public transport in the capital has been

  • shut down. Terrorism analysts say attackers could have

  • been planning the bombings for some time... and may have pushed up the date after the

  • capture of Salah Abdeslam... the man Belgian police arrested several days ago in connection

  • to last year's terror attacks in Paris.

  • "The reconnaissance, the coordination, the preparation for these kind of attacks generally

  • takes weeks rather than days. But it may have been that there was an existing plot that

  • the attackers were moving towards that has been accelerated in the aftermath of Abdeslam's

  • arrest."

  • The disruption of economic and infrastructure in Belgium, and other Western and European

  • countries are also expected to be significant in the coming days and weeks.

  • "Well there's clearly in the next day or two going to be severe travel delays and disruptions

  • across Europe. The militants have shown a knowledge of the key targets to hit to cause

  • maximum disruption in a country, whether that's to travel, to economies etc."

  • European leaders have condemened the attacks... as did leaders around the world, including

  • officials in South Korea.

  • "South Korean government maintains its position that it cannot accept terror in any reasons,

  • strongly condemn today's terror, and express condolences for the victims, their families,

  • and the Belgium government."

  • Officials said they're working to determine if any Koreans were injured in the attacks...

  • and encouraged all those abroad to be careful in that region.

  • ANCHOR TAG Of course this story developing as we speak...

  • and Arirang News will keep you updated throughout the night.

We begin with this developing story... Deadly explosions in Brussels have put the

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