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(playful music) (sawing)
- Oh, don't mind me guys, no big deal.
Definitely don't wanna help you
with your little science experiement
because that's boring.
You're boring! Both of you!
Boring, boring, boring!
- Boring? On what planet (moan of pain)
are rockets boring?
Probably on planet Orange,
which is one planet we will not be exploring.
Derp, you couldn't even find--
- Stop! No Uranus jokes!
Those are tired.
- Fine, just tell me what you're doing
so I can make some sweet jokes about it already.
- It's for science.
We're trying to demonstrate the principles of flight.
- Plus, it's a great excuse to cosplay
like the walrus guy on MythBusters!
- Ugh, you promised you wouldn't!
- Well, that sounds wonderfully boring.
But don't just take my word for it,
ask my new best-est bud.
Tell him, Mystic 8 Ball!
(bubbling noise)
(laughing) He just said you're ugly.
- Orange, I'm deeply insulted!
- Well, you should be, that's how insults work!
- Pear and myself are fruits of science!
How dare you bring that hocus pocus
mystic mumbo jumbo into our den of discovery!
- Hm, good question...for Mystic 8 Ball!
(bubbling noise)
- That makes no sense!
- Doesn't it?
- No, but it does seem like a myth that needs busting!
- [voiceover] They may be small in stature,
but when Pear and Little Apple are on the case,
no myth is safe.
- He's a plastic ball filled with alcohol,
blue dye, and a 20-sided floater
with various messages printed on it.
Myth, busted!
- More like, "Mystic" busted! K.O.!
- Nuh-uh! He's a fruit!
Just like you or me.
Tell him, Mystic 8 Ball!
(bubbing noise)
- Ooh, cryptic!
I like that!
It plays on my general haziness
and loose grasp on reality.
Now, what do ya say
we fax some pizzas to Judge Waffle?
(bubbling noise)
- "Seems more than likely?"
I got Waffles on speed dial! (laughs)
- Watch out, ya'll, we're faxing pizzas over here!
(bubbing noise)
- "Don't count on it"?
You know what? (music scratch)
I've had it with your negativity, Mystic 8 Ball!
It's boring! You're boring!
I'm sorry Mystic 8 Ball, it's not you, it's me.
Which actually means, it's just me not liking you that much.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to make some changes
if this is gonna work.
- [Pear] Dude, I didn't say you could use those!
- Hasta la vista, boring!
(electricity snaps)
- [Pear] Wow! - [Little Apple] Wow!
- Annoying Orange, thank you for setting me free!
- I'm not annoying I'm--
- Can it!
- But I'm a--
- No!
- But I'm--
- Slap it in the mason jar,
seal it up, and pickle it for the winter!
- Yeah, about that.
- Easy, buddy boy.
It's already pretty packed in here. (laughs)
- Silence!
I hover before you with infinite and universal power!
Now, ask me a 'Yes' or 'No' question.
- What? (music scratch)
I thought your power was infinite and universal?
- Typical "magic."
- Must have lost his hocus "focus."
- I heard that, and it wasn't a 'Yes' or 'No' question!
- Um, how are you?
- Wow, I just realized that's the first time
anyone's ever asked about me!
- Oh, sorry, won't happen again!
- Hm, my sources say 'No'.
- Hey, hey Mystic 9 Ball!
- That's not my name!
- Here's one for you.
Is magic real?
- Outlook good.
- Yeah, like you're real impartial.
- Impartial? (laughs)
Pear called you bald.
- That's not what that means!
- Whatever, Mystic 8 Bald! (laughs)
- You are a negative buddy!
- I'm not negative, I'm a--
- Will you please shut up?
- Hm, cannot predict now.
Concentrate and ask again.
(disgusted groan)
- Hey, I got one.
Is Orange secretly afraid of squirrels?
- What? No, no, no,
I'm not afraid of squirrels, that's ridiculous!
You're not gonna make a magic squirrel appear, are you?
- Without a doubt!
- (screams) That's it, we're no longer best-est buddies!
- As I see it, yes!
- Fine, good luck doing better than me, baldy!
- Hair is irrelevant!
- Tell me about it, cue ball!
- That's not my name!
- No! Cue ball!
- What?
(explosion) (screams)
- Whoa, hey little fellas,
anybody seen my toupée?
(bubbling noise)
- Skydiving isn't dangerous!
Now, "sky chainsaw," that's dangerous!
Take this clouds! (laughter)
- What are you doing?
- Stop that!
- (laughing) Barrel roll!
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Annoying Orange - Mystic 8 Ball

601 Folder Collection
Richard Yuan published on March 19, 2016
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